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Stats (5)


After another week, the scales are looking really good! Despite being sick I am in a very positive mood because I am on track to reaching my goals 🙂

Starting Weight: 99.0kg    Current Weight: 91.4kg      7.6kg Lost in total    1kg Lost this week And I achieved my mini goal of getting under 92 before the snow! Yay!

Starting Body Fat Content: 44.7%       Current Body Fat Content: 42.1%      2.6% Lost in total     0.4% Lost this week!!

Starting Water Content: 39.4%         Current Water Content: 39.1%          0.3% Lost in total      0.5% Gained this week creeping back to where I started

So it appears my body has now settled down and is looking at losing about 1kg a week, that is healthy at least. And although the drop is less drastic on the scales, it is really nice to see them drop from one kilo to the next.

I have already mentioned, but I will again, that my next goal is to lose a total of 10kg by the 21st of August, that is 3 weeks away today (and I will have to lose 2.4 more kilos). If I continue losing weight at 1kg per week that will be easily achieved, but I am really uncertain how I will go on holidays next week. I have no doubt that I will eat carbs on occasion and I wont be in control of the fats or sugars that I am eating, but I am really hoping that at least 4 hours of intense exercise per day will balance out whatever I eat. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, because I won’t enjoy my holiday otherwise. Even if I come back and I have gained weight….well that’s just the way it is. I will pick myself up and get right back on track when I am at home and in control again.


SW: 99    CW: 91.4


Day 28 – Cruise (PV)


I had the worst night’s sleep last night, I became fully blown sick 😦 Sore throat, nose, even feeling sick in the tummy 😦 I went to the chemist this morning to get some cold & flu tablets and the lady said I pretty much have to ride it out! Sure…I will do that for a whole 2 days, then I need to be better for the snow! I came to work today because I have too much to prepare for the teacher who will have my grade next week, otherwise I would deifinitely be at home.

On the plus side, I lost 0.5 this morning, so I’m down to 91.4kg 🙂

Breakfast: a bottle of Lucozade (I always like to have this when I feel sick and need fluids…a weird habit…I checked the nutritional information and it was all fine, but the carbs were a little bit high. To be honest I’m more worried about getting better at the moment)

Snack: Salt Reduced Chicken Noodle Soup Mix – it had 3.3g Carbs per 100g, which is less than my yoghurt! The salt was still a little high though (didn’t eat the noodles)

Lunch: Big salad with Chicken from Subway

Dinner: Roast Chicken from Safeway with 1/2 diced Tomato and 1/2 diced Capsicum

Drinks: Lucozade, Coke Zero and Water

Exercise: very short walk…better than nothing


SW: 99   CW: 91.4 🙂

Day 27 – Cruise (PV)


No change on the scales this morning, I think my trend is to lose after a PV day. Hope I have a loss tomorrow.

Going to my friends house for dinner, we are having a Dukan Friendly Dinner, I bet it’s going to be yummy!

Breakfast: Nestle ForMe Cheesecake flavoured Yoghurt with 1.5 tbsp Oat Bran

Snack: 100g sliced Turkey Breast

Lunch: Beef Bolognese

Dinner: Chicken Curry and Warm Salad

Dessert: Raspberry Cheesecake

Hmmm, starting to feel a bit sick this afternoon, sore throat etc. This is not good with my holiday coming up soon 😦

By the way…dinner was delicious!!! I will be making this for myself 🙂 (and I will share the recipe with you!)


SW: 99    CW: 91.9

Inspiration Station


I can’t believe how many visits I have had to my blog, it really is amazing 🙂

There are so many lovely people out there, those who browse around like silent little mice, picking up things here and there, and those who leave comments…to support me (thanks guys!) and to share their own stories.

I was thinking that I would like to start a post where people can leave messages, advice, words of wisdom, tips and tricks and messages of support for each other….because I’m sure there is such a wealth of knowledge out there, and it would be great to share.

So go on, leave a comment if you think you have something to share (trust me… you do xox) and you might brighten someone else’s day and point them in the right direction on their weight loss journey.


Day 26 – Cruise (PP)


I stayed the same on the scales this morning, but I am happy to enjoy being 91.something for an extra day or two. Spirits are still very high 🙂 I think if I had have gone for a walk I might have lost weight, but Monday’s and Tuesday’s are impossible for me to fit it in.

I am having two PP days in a row as I’m going to a friends house for dinner tomorrow, and we will be having Dukan Curry, Salad and Dukan Cheesecake. My friend even went on the Dukan website to find the recipes so that I could stick to my diet. I just love my friends so much I want to give them the biggest squeezy hugs!! You’re the best, you know who you are xoxox

Breakfast: 2 Egg Omelette with Skim Milk & 2 small slices Ham

Snack: Nestle ForMe Date flavoured Yoghurt with 1 1/2 tbsp Oat Bran

Lunch: 100g sliced Ham 😦 (getting bored of this rather quickly)

Dinner: Roasted Turkey Drumstick

Drinks: 2L Water & Coke Zero

Exercise: very short amount of time on an exercise bike 😛 (don’t even know if it counts!)


SW: 99    CW: 91.9 (it’s so much fun to type that!)

Day 25 – Cruise (PP)


Yatta! (Japanese for ‘I did it!’) I reached my mini goal! This morning I weighed 91.9kg 🙂 So that means I am officially one quarter of my way through the weight loss part of my journey, having lost 7.1kg 🙂 Also, I only have 20.9kg to lose, not 28…it’s still a lot, but it sounds more manageable. Also, I think I am lighter now than I was this time last year 🙂 We are heading to the snow for a week on Sunday and I am hoping to snowboard a little easier this year 🙂

Gee, look at all those smileys 🙂

I already know my new goal…10kg! It would be good to lose this by the 21st of August. This gives me just over 3 weeks for 3 kg. I don’t know how I am going to go at the snow, so I will give myself a bit of breathing room.

Breakfast: Nestle ForMe Date flavoured Yoghurt with 1.5tbsp Oat Bran

Snack: 100g Sliced Chicken Breast

Lunch: 100g Sliced Lean Ham

Snack: 2 fried Eggs and 4 small slices fried Ham

Dinner: Left over Roast Chicken Breast

Drinks: 3.2L Water & 330mL can Coke Zero

Exercise: Nothing….it’s Tuesday

very uninspiring menu today 😛


SW: 99    CW: 91.9 🙂 !

Day 24 – Cruise (PV)


I stayed the same on the scales again this morning … 92.4kg … so another mini plateau. I will try to follow the advice of others quite strictly to hopefully see the scales moving again. The biggest thing is that I will drastically reduce the number of Skinny Cow Ice Creams I have been having. Apparently they have real sugar, not sweetener, so that might be hindering my efforts.

I had such a hectic day at work today, then I had to go to an Epipen training session (for people who have anaphylaxis) … it went for 3 hours! I was planning on heading out to night school, but since I was going to be so late I decided to cancel and come and work at home. Don’t know how much work I am going to get done!

Breakfast: None 😦

Snack: Nestle ForMe Cheesecake Yoghurt

Lunch: Beef Bolognese

Snack: The insides of 2 mini sausage rolls…no pastry at all!!! My new motto is…. Out of Sight, Out of Stomach 🙂

Dinner: Beef Bolognese

EDIT: Snack: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sundae (ok, ok, I know I wasn’t going to eat them lots, I promise I won’t eat one for at least a few days :P)

Drinks: 1.5L Water, Coke Zero

Exercise: Nothing…it’s a Monday


SW: 99    CW: 92.4