Day 1 – Attack


So today was the first day of following the Dukan Diet, and I found it pretty easy 🙂 I ate when I was hungry, following all of the rules/advice from the book. I feel like I have eaten a lot today and I don’t feel like I could lose weight with what I have eaten. Other people have had immediate results, so I guess we will see how I go tomorrow.

Breakfast: Oatbran Galette, Vanilla ForMe Yoghurt

Snack: 50g Turkey Breast, 2 big spoons of Cottage Cheese

Lunch: 2 Beef Mince Rissoles, Dijon Mustard/Natural Yoghurt sauce

Dinner: 3 Veal Medallions, Gherkin/Natural Yoghurt Sauce

Snack: ForMe Cheesecake flavoured Yoghurt

Drinks: 6 Glasses of Water, 2 Glasses Coke Zero

Exercise: I didn’t go for a set 20 minute walk today, however I did walk around Costco for 2 hours with my brother and his Girlfriend (don’t know if this counts, but it will have to do)



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  1. hi, could you please share with me your recipe for veal medallions and gherkin/yoghurt sauce please? i tried to find it and google it but with no avail. thanks so much!

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