Day 6 – Attack


When I got on the scales today I had gained .2kg. My first gain since starting Dukan and to be honest I wasn’t expecting it. I could put it down to a couple of things:

  • The chicken I had last night was from a Safeway Roast Chicken and as I was eating it I thought it tasted a bit fatty. I should’ve chosen better parts of the chicken to eat, but it was painful enough to throw chicken wings straight into the bin 😦
  • I didn’t have much variety in my diet yesterday.
  • I allowed myself to get hungry a couple of times during the day.
  • I didn’t exercise.
  • I’m feeling very bloated and a bit hormonal today 😦 My walk cheered me up lots though!

I will be more vigilant with what I eat and do today, hopefully that will see a drop in the scales tomorrow. I still have 1.2kg to lose before Saturday morning at the end of my Attack phase to achieve my goal.

Breakfast: Oat Bran Galette & Vanilla ForMe Yoghurt

Lunch: 2 slices Smoked Salmon & 2 Gherkins

Snack: 4 small slices Turkey Breast & ForMe Date flavoured Yoghurt

Dinner: Chicken Breast with Natural Yoghurt & Dijon Mustard Sauce

Snack: Dukan Pineapple flavoured Cheesecake

Drinks: 1.5 litres Water (I have a large bottle that I am slowly drinking from throughout the day now)

Exercise: 30 minute Walk 🙂


SW: 99    CW: 96.2


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