Stats (2)


Well after 7 days on the Attack Phase, these are the results I have achieved. I didn’t quite reach my goal of 4kg but I came pretty close.

Starting Weight: 99.0kg    Current Weight: 95.1kg      3.9kg Lost

Starting Body Fat Content: 44.7%       Current Body Fat Content: 44%      0.7% Lost

Starting Water Content: 39.4%         Current Water Content: 37.5%          1.9% Lost (don’t know if this is good or bad)

My next goal is to get to below 92kg by the 1st of August, that gives me 3 weeks to lose just over 3 kg. I think from here on in it would be reasonable to hope to lose 1kg a week. I will continue to weight myself daily, but the results won’t be as dramatic. The Dukan Diet book explains that when you re-introduce vegetables to your diet, your body holds on to a bit more water, but when you have a Pure Protein (PP) day, that water will disappear and you will have your true weight.


SW:99    CW: 95.1


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