Day 8 – Beginning Cruise Phase


I am very sorry to report that on my first day of Cruise I had a gigantic blowout from the diet 😦 My friends had a party and I made the choice to drink some alcohol, and with that came the nibbly food…. you know what I mean. I guess we are all human, and I plan on making up for it for the next 3 weeks, until my next goal. Forgive me for not getting on the scales this morning, I couldn’t bear to see all of my heard work go down the drain. My recovery plan is to stick to Pure Protein (PP) for the next few days to kick my body back into gear. What are your ways of recovering from diet slip ups??

Today is a beautifully sunny (although chilly) day, and I am reminded of why I am on this path to changing my life….that sounded a bit dramatic, but I guess it’s true 🙂 Nothing like some Vitamin D’s to put you in a good mood!


SW: 99    CW: ?


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  1. The thing with the Dukan Diet is that it is very forgiving. Just as well because you can’t cheat it. If you have a slip up, just forget about it and move on. Doing penance is out; going for attack days and skipping cruise days is a waste of time as it all balances out at the end, so why give yourself trouble?

    Dukan is keen to have you on the diet, and not to quit. You can do the cruise phase all weird, days of attack followed by days of cruise — or else you can do an attack day followed by a cruise day — or whatever. Thing is not to go hard on yourself and give yourself a punishment of attack pure protein days or going mental in a gym! So relax.

    You fell off the wagon, so forget about it; all that happens is that your goal is a little further away; the diet will just take a little longer.

    Of course, the more often you slip-up, the longer everything will take. That is enough of an incentive for me, LOL!

    Sometimes you have to put “me” first, and in my life that is what is happening right now, so no cakes in the office, no going for drinks with the gang after work (or at least not all the time, and when I go, it’s not for long and I’m on the diet cokes). I don’t want to be on a diet per se, I just want to be slimmer, healthier and have fun — restored balance if you like.

    I must admit that I had the odd glass of wine and a couple of other give-ins while on vacation, but I am back on track again since I got back home and back to work.

    One strange thing is that temptation is much harder for me to resist having relented during my holiday. I found the diet far easier before I put the instant gratification/ good time first and the long-term goal second. Argh. now I try to avoid areas of temptation in case I weaken! I hope this passes, yikes!

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