Pro’s & Con’s of the Attack Phase


After completing the Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet, I wanted to reflect on how I felt the first phase went.


  • Feeling full – Eating Protein makes you feel fuller for longer, so I found that I had much less of an appetite on the AP.
  • Feeling healthier for not eating fatty foods – I read in the Dukan Diet book, something along the lines of ‘how can you expect to lose your own fat, when you are eating the fat of another animal’ (not a direct quote). That really stuck with me and it something that has popped into my mind often this past week.
  • Surprisingly no withdrawals from sugar.
  • Hardly any cravings for other foods.
  • Enjoying an allowed glass of Coke Zero now and then (and actually drinking less than I normally would).
  • Seeing results instantly…the best motivation!


  • Eating only protein is quite a bit more expensive than also having vegetables in your diet.
  • Getting over the first hurdles of eating out with family and friends, and having to think about the Dukan Diet and how you can make it suit you.
  • Some days I got stuck in a rut of eating the same things over and over. You need to remind yourself about having variety in your diet, otherwise you could easily get bored.
  • Not regularly going to the toilet as before starting the Dukan Diet.

This is by no mean a comprehensive list, so please add in the comments other things you would add to either Pro’s or Con’s for the Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet.



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  1. Hi there, my name is Claire and Im just amazed how you were able to stick to the diet without cheating. I have been trying to do the attack phase for 3 weeks now and I fail all the time becoz I cheated. You see, Ive got 3 kids all under 3yrs- which is the reason why I was not given a chance to lose weight after birth becoz Im pregnant again-so the 15kgs build up. I just really need a motivation from you, seeing that you are doinng really well. Any words of advice is appreciated. im just feeling really low coz I love the thought of not being hungry but on a diet. My schedule does not permit me to cook all the time and to exercise aside froom the fact that evert night I get up becoz I need to feed my baby. So I dont have enough energy to exercise the next day. I dont like the reflection I see in the mirror anymore, all my clothes dont fit on the belly part. i know I need variety and I think thats where I fail. Also can you post your pictures as you gradually lose weight? This will motivate me a lot. only if you want to. Thanks and God bless.

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