Bacon and Vegetable Quiche Recipe


I had the most gorgeous photos of making this quiche, and I just accidentally deleted them all! I’m shattered 😦 When the computer says ‘are you sure you want to do this. this will delete your items forever’ please pay attention (this is the part where i did not 😛 )

Anyway, I thought I couldn’t deprive you all of the recipe for the yummy quiche I made the other night for dinner, so here it is….

Bacon and Vegetable Quiche

Serves 4

Suitable for Cruise PV

4 small rashes Rindless Bacon, all fat removed, finely diced

2 small Zucchini, grated

1 small Red Capsicum, finely diced

12 Cherry Tomatoes, halved

6 Mushrooms, finely diced

1/2 Onion, finely diced

4 Eggs

4 tbsp Oat Bran

1/2 cup Skim Milk

1/2 cup Cottage Cheese

Freshly Cracked Black Pepper

1 BabyBel Light Cheese, grated (optional)

Olive Oil Spray

1. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

2. Chop all of the Bacon, Capsicum, Mushroom and Onions.

3. Spray a medium frypan, with Olive Oil. Using paper towel, wipe the excess away. Fry the Bacon for a little while until it starts to crisp up. Set aside.

4. In the same frypan add the Onions, Mushrooms and Red Capsicum. Saute for a little while until the Vegetables become soft.

5. In a large mixing bowl, combine the Eggs, Oat Bran, Skim Milk, Cottage Cheese and Black Pepper. Whisk until combined.

6. Add the cooked Bacon and Vegetables, add the grated Zucchini and chopped Cherry Tomatoes, stir until combined.

7. Lightly spray an oven dish with Olive Oil, wipe excess away with paper towel.

8. Pour the mixture into the dish. Sprinkle the grated BabyBel over the top.

9. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes. If your quiche appears to be getting too brown, cover it with foil during cooking.


A couple of notes on the quiche:

  • Mine turned out a little watery after being reheated, I think this was due to the Zucchini and Tomatoes. Other recipes suggest you try to extract water from grated zucchini by wringing it in a tea towel. I mixed my Tomatoes through, however you could strategically place them cut side up on top of the quiche to make a pattern, and they would come out a little bit roasted.
  • I included the BabyBel (because I was excited I finally found it). However in the end you couldn’t even taste it, so I would suggest if you were wanting to do the best for your diet you would leave it out.
  • You could use any type of meat in this quiche, such as cooked Chicken, Ham, Tuna, or you could leave it out all together if you felt like it.
  • You could use any combination of vegetables to make this quiche, whatever you fancy, or whatever’s in the fridge. Just have a think about which vegetables could do with a little cook before you put them in the mixture.
  • You could easily make this in muffin tins (spray and wipe first), to have for lunch or as snacks. Just reduce the cooking time 🙂

EDIT: I got a lovely reminder to put garlic in to this recipe. Crush it, finely chop it, and add it  to the onions and other vegetables in the frypan. How could I forget?!?

I would love to hear about your versions of this quiche with your favourite meat/vegetable combinations, so please leave a message in the comments section…we will all love you! xoxo



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    • Hey there, thanks for that 🙂 But I actually deleted it from our new d-link hard drives that link all of our home computers. It’s ok, I will make it again and take some more one day soon. I was just more cross with myself for not taking care!

  1. Hi Luv,

    I am definately going to try this quiche, it sound so delicious!!
    Well done, your blog is fantastic and we are so proud..keep it up 🙂

    Let me know if you receive my msg so I know it worked..

    Luv Mum xoxoxo

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  4. Hi – My name is Caroline and I have recently ‘found’ you whilst starting the Dukan – doing amazingly well and love your recipies – I was wondering if we are allowed corned beef as I used to use this as a base for quiches instead of pastry – just mashed up in the bottom of my quiche dish ? Can anybody help please ?

  5. Very good! I tweaked a little for my taste, but I really enjoyed it. I cooked it at 350 F… and for about 50 minutes. Thanks!

  6. Ooh so excited to have found your blog! I started the Dukan diet a week ago and due to eating a massive almond croissant (it was delicious and totally worth it!) this weekend I am giving myself 2 more days on the attack phase. Anyway, was searching google for a Dukan quiche recipe and your blog came up – it looks fantastic and I am looking forward to having a good read!

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