Stats (3)


After my second week on the Dukan Diet, I am feeling really great. This week I started off with a mini attack to get things going after gaining a lot from a bad Saturday night, and things went well from there.

Starting Weight: 99.0kg    Current Weight: 93.9kg      5.1kg Lost in total    1.2kg Lost this week very happy to be 93.something!

Starting Body Fat Content: 44.7%       Current Body Fat Content: 43%      1.7% Lost in total     1% Lost this week!! Very happy about this figure 🙂

Starting Water Content: 39.4%         Current Water Content: 38.6%          0.8% Lost in total      1.1% Gained this week glad to be more hydrated

My next goal of being under 92kg by the 1st of August is drawing closer, and I really see myself achieving it! I have 2kg to lose in 2 weeks. I am so happy for starting the Dukan Diet, and my friends and family are so happy and proud for me too 🙂

How are you going with your weight loss this week? Leave a comment so we can all celebrate or support you on your journey xoxo


SW: 99    CW: 93.9 🙂


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