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After three weeks on the Dukan Diet, I am feeling really positive, it’s definitely a lifestyle change. I am proud to share that I have not deviated from the Dukan Diet by one single morsel this week 🙂 It is easy to say no to non-dukan foods, because I am really enjoying what I can eat. There have been the occasional times where I have thought about something that I used to cook, or something that I might like to eat, and it’s ok because I know that eventually I will be able to try them again. One good thing about the Dukan Diet is that you know it won’t have to last forever, some time in the future when I have completed my cruise and consolidation phases I will be able to eat regularly again, just in a way healthier and skinnier body!

Starting Weight: 99.0kg    Current Weight: 92.4kg      6.6kg Lost in total    1.5kg Lost this week Guess I will be in the 92’s a little longer than 2 days 😛

Starting Body Fat Content: 44.7%       Current Body Fat Content: 42.5%      2.2% Lost in total     0.5% Lost this week 🙂

Starting Water Content: 39.4%         Current Water Content: 38.9%          0.5% Lost in total      0.3% Up A teensy bit more hydrated than last week

I have 8 days to lose 0.5kg, I think it’s achievable. I really want to reach this goal so I can set a new one….10kg here I come!


SW: 99    CW: 92.4 🙂


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  1. Looks like we’re not in synch after all – I’m down another .4 – which is a healthy compromise between going up .3 and our mutually assigned goal of losing .5. Keep heart, Loz! all will be well!

    One thing you could look at if you hit a plateau (which you’ve really not hit yet!) is the sugar content in the Skinny Cow icecreams – I’ve not seen anywhere any reference to artificial sweetners, which means that they’re made with real sugar, but I could be wrong. I can’t find Skinny Cow in the UK.

    It’s nice to have something in reserve that you can cut out of your diet if something’s not working – my two indulgences are one Muller Light (it has a sugar-sweetener mix) and one Mini babybel light (fat content doesn’t help too much) per day. If I find myself on a serious plateau, these are the two things that I’ll cut out to see if I can reverse it all.

    • Skinny Cow is over here. Sarah Cox was doing the voiceover on the adverts on TV! As you said thou, it does use real sugar and not sweetner.

      I am going to make some meringues today and that will hopefully be enough to satisfy any sweet cravings! And using almond, vanilla, mnt flavourings.

  2. Bizarrely, I also lost 6.6 kg for week three. I’m weeks ahead of you, and find that my weight loss is about 1.5 kg per week or 0.2 kg /day. Sometimes it’s 1.3 kg, other times it’s 1.8 kg or whatever. It might help to have a guide figure. I weigh myself daily, like so many tend to; it is a running commentary and keeps everything in check as I am sure behaviour and resolve are influenced by the scales and spreadsheet. Having said that, a regular fixed point is a pretty good indicator, in my case every Thursday before breakfast, it ignores the flux due to accuracy settings of the scales and wee bits of fluid retention. I am also a sucker for the BMI merely because I want lower premiums.

    • Gah, it took me four weeks to get to 6.6kg… Like you, Dave, I’m a TOTAL sucker for BMIs – I’ve got a column on my spreadsheet devoted to tracking it. It was a happy day when it finally pulled me out of the “morbidly obese” category to merely “obese.”

      God I hate those words – they conjure up people who are so big that they can’t get off their couches anymore. When I told a couple of my workmates that I was no longer officially “morbidly obese” I think they did a double take – I don’t think they even had any idea what someone in these so-called “categories” looked like.

      And now there are poor school kids being sent letters by their local health boards telling them that they’re “obese” – a word which has such reprehensible connotations that it’s turned into – or perhaps always was – an incredibly ugly word. Grrr.

      There is NOTHING wrong with us wanting to be healthier. There is EVERYTHING wrong with a society that brands us with these nasty words, and then turns around and tells us that we’re going about turning things around the wrong way… Eat more meat! Eat less meat! Don’t eat Carbs! Eat more wholegrains! Five a day! Use sweeteners instead! Don’t use sweeteners, they give you cancer! Drink plenty of water! Don’t drink too much water or you’ll die horribly as part of a radio contest! Aaaaarrrrggg!!!

      What the hell are we supposed to do? *sigh*

      Sorry Lauren. I’m off my soapbox now – Dave is used to my rants by now. Well done you, keep up the good work… 😉

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