Day 25 – Cruise (PP)


Yatta! (Japanese for ‘I did it!’) I reached my mini goal! This morning I weighed 91.9kg 🙂 So that means I am officially one quarter of my way through the weight loss part of my journey, having lost 7.1kg 🙂 Also, I only have 20.9kg to lose, not 28…it’s still a lot, but it sounds more manageable. Also, I think I am lighter now than I was this time last year 🙂 We are heading to the snow for a week on Sunday and I am hoping to snowboard a little easier this year 🙂

Gee, look at all those smileys 🙂

I already know my new goal…10kg! It would be good to lose this by the 21st of August. This gives me just over 3 weeks for 3 kg. I don’t know how I am going to go at the snow, so I will give myself a bit of breathing room.

Breakfast: Nestle ForMe Date flavoured Yoghurt with 1.5tbsp Oat Bran

Snack: 100g Sliced Chicken Breast

Lunch: 100g Sliced Lean Ham

Snack: 2 fried Eggs and 4 small slices fried Ham

Dinner: Left over Roast Chicken Breast

Drinks: 3.2L Water & 330mL can Coke Zero

Exercise: Nothing….it’s Tuesday

very uninspiring menu today 😛


SW: 99    CW: 91.9 🙂 !


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  1. Well done on achieving your mini goal!!!

    I still haven’t weighed myself yet since I started and think I am on Day 8 or something like that. I’m afraid alcohol is my weakness and went a bit overboard at the weekend!! Still…..I was celebrating getting a new job that means i can move in with my boyfriend fulltime soon!! How exciting!!

    Even though I haven’t weighed myself can see a huge difference with my clothes. Put something on at weekend that was too small couple of months ago so am very happy so far! Might nip into town this week and go and weigh myself in a chemist!

    Keep it up – you are doing fantastic!! We all have good and bad days but the trend is downwards on the weight and that is just brilliant! Will have to try some of your recipes soon too – they look delish!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sarah! That’s really exciting about your new job and house. It is a really hard time to start a diet if you are changing jobs, so you are doing awesome!!
      I can’t believe you haven’t weighed yourself! 😛 That’s how I keep going on this thing, seeing the results. Some of my clothes are only starting to become loose now, I only wear 3 different pairs of pants: Black Trackies, Black Work Pants and Jeans (I do lots of washing 🙂 ). When I have lost my weight I will be inspired to go shopping and buy lots of clothes, but that’s a little while away in the future now.
      Let me know which recipes you try, it gives me such a buzz to hear that people are cooking them 🙂

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