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I can’t believe how many visits I have had to my blog, it really is amazing šŸ™‚

There are so many lovely people out there, those who browse around like silent little mice, picking up things here and there, and those who leave comments…to support me (thanks guys!) and to share their own stories.

I was thinking that I would like to start a post where people can leave messages, advice, words of wisdom, tips and tricks and messages of support for each other….because I’m sure there is such a wealth of knowledge out there, and it would be great to share.

So go on, leave a comment if you think you have something to share (trust me… you do xox) and you might brighten someone else’s day and point them in the right direction on their weight loss journey.



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  1. I will go first šŸ˜›
    Something I have found out about myself since starting Dukan, is a little saying I coined the other day….Out of Sight, Out of Stomach!
    If I am feeling tempted by any food that isn’t allowed I simply put it out of my line of sight, or move to another place, and everything is all good.

  2. Oooh, inspiration post! Great plan Loz! I might add this to teh Dukan Diet forum too…

    Here’s my addition: There are THREE things you need to remember when on the Dukan Diet – Preparation, preparation, and the most important of the three – PREPARATION!

    I set aside a godo 45 minutes each evening making sure that I’m ready for the next day – if it’s been a PV day, I have to psych myself up for PP, and vice versa.

    I make my porridge in bulk – three days worth, so I always make sure that there’s some left in the fridge for the next day.

    I clean out all my tupperware from the past day, fill up the bits I can (eg – putting yoghurt with sweetener in one container, oatbran muffins in another, making sure that leftovers are properly stowed for easy transport tomorrow)

    If it’s a PV day, I’ll make up some yoghurt dip the day before to go with my vege, and I’ll make sure that I have all the raw vege I need to chop up fresh the next morning (PV mornings are always a bit more busy than PP mornings, because of the veggie grazing box)

    Preparation also extends to exercise. Best to walk directly after a meal, and for me, the choice of music to listen to as you walk (or run!) is key – I’ve spent hours finding just the right mix of disco dance tunes to keep my pace up. Here’s my current top selection:

    There’s an article on the BBC website today about how studies have shown that people are more likely to push themselves and have more endurance, if their pace is maintained by music at the right tempo:

  3. Knowing that I’m not the only one doing it, is a massive help to me!
    I have found that similarly to your Out of Sight, Out of Stomach mantra, it helps to know that there is food that I can eat if I am feeling peckish. So lean ham slices and chicken slices have become a staple in my fridge!

  4. Top Ten Tips: (1) ignore all and any mistakes — do not dwell on them nor punish yourself, do mini-attacks or anything like that, Dukan is all forgiving; (2) Always, always, always drink something (especially something tasty) just before eating; (3) use drinks to stop being/ getting hungry, instead of a snack, have a drink of Diet Coke, for example, and drink while eating, alternate — a gulp then some food, etc.,(4) Eat more red meat, it’s iron-rich, so it stabilises female moodswings (ahem), venison is often the same price or cheaper that beef, but it is much tastier; (5) You MUST walk, and it’s most effective first thing in the morning directly after breakfast; (6) Go for it most at the start… disregard tolerated foods; although they are officially tolerated, the diet is “less effective” as Dukan states. The graph the website produces shows the shape in general terms of the weight loss to expect, and it is steep at first before levelling out. This means that the diet naturally slows for everyone, the weight loss is harder as time goes by, so you need to be as effective as possible as early as possible. As you creep toward consolidation, tolerated food can be allowed to slip in with least effect on weight loss and maximum effect on enjoyment. Do more exercise at the start and less at the end as you wean off the diet back to your real life to be more effective at keeping weight loss maintained (a lot of people do this the wrong way around, and as the plateau happens they cut out tolerated food and up the exercise!); (8) Keep a blog, written record, diary or spreadsheet and weigh yourself every day for encouragement and to stay focussed — and read forums and blogs to feel supported; (9) Don’t try to second guess Dukan; it is a simple category diet, not a high protein, low fat or low carb diet or whatever, never look at nutritional labels and try to figure out if it is allowed. Dukan has data and while there might be no known reason why something like low fat ham is less effective, it just is. So stick to the list of allowed foods at the back of the book and nothing else. Keep it simple and treat it unlike all other diets; (10) Be heroic and strong because everyone seems to be conspiring to keep you fat, there will be barbecues, holidays, birthdays, weddings, dinner invitations, dates, free working lunches, World Cup Pizza and Beer offers, supermarket free samples, kids’ party left-overs. You have to look people in the eye and just say “No” and stick to what Dukan has devised through years of trial and error. It is actually harder to say no if you have given in before. Seriously. The end of Cruise and the consolidation phase is therefore much more difficult than you might think, be strong.

    That’s all ten. Hope they help someone!
    Hugs of encouragement from
    Dave and Ruth

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