Day 27 – Cruise (PV)


No change on the scales this morning, I think my trend is to lose after a PV day. Hope I have a loss tomorrow.

Going to my friends house for dinner, we are having a Dukan Friendly Dinner, I bet it’s going to be yummy!

Breakfast: Nestle ForMe Cheesecake flavoured Yoghurt with 1.5 tbsp Oat Bran

Snack: 100g sliced Turkey Breast

Lunch: Beef Bolognese

Dinner: Chicken Curry and Warm Salad

Dessert: Raspberry Cheesecake

Hmmm, starting to feel a bit sick this afternoon, sore throat etc. This is not good with my holiday coming up soon 😦

By the way…dinner was delicious!!! I will be making this for myself 🙂 (and I will share the recipe with you!)


SW: 99    CW: 91.9


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