Day 28 – Cruise (PV)


I had the worst night’s sleep last night, I became fully blown sick šŸ˜¦ Sore throat, nose, even feeling sick in the tummy šŸ˜¦ I went to the chemist this morning to get some cold & flu tablets and the lady said I pretty much have to ride it out! Sure…I will do that for a whole 2 days, then I need to be better for the snow! I came to work today because I have too much to prepare for the teacher who will have my grade next week, otherwise I would deifinitely be at home.

On the plus side, I lost 0.5 this morning, so I’m down to 91.4kg šŸ™‚

Breakfast: a bottle of Lucozade (I always like to have this when I feel sick and need fluids…a weird habit…I checked the nutritional information and it was all fine, but the carbs were a little bit high. To be honest I’m more worried about getting better at the moment)

Snack: Salt Reduced Chicken Noodle Soup Mix – it had 3.3g Carbs per 100g, which is less than my yoghurt! The salt was still a little high though (didn’t eat the noodles)

Lunch: Big salad with Chicken from Subway

Dinner: Roast Chicken from Safeway with 1/2 diced Tomato and 1/2 diced Capsicum

Drinks: Lucozade, Coke Zero and Water

Exercise: very short walk…better than nothing


SW: 99Ā Ā  CW: 91.4 šŸ™‚


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  1. I’m almost exactly the same L! Have a rotten cold and ideally would just eat soup and ice-cream! But I have lost a little bit of weight, so I’ve pulled my sorry behind out of bed and am going to get to work. Otherwise I know that I won’t resist eating something bad. I am going to try and stay on the diet as much as possible, but like you I need lucozade!

    Get well soon! It will only last a day or two I’m sure!

    • Thanks so much xoxo I hope you get better too *Sending you some virtual chicken soup*. I’m just going to keep up my fluids and eating what my body feels like (within Dukan of course) I really needed another PV day today, I perked up a bit after my salad at lunch. Hopefully I can get an early night and that will help.

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