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After another week, the scales are looking really good! Despite being sick I am in a very positive mood because I am on track to reaching my goals 🙂

Starting Weight: 99.0kg    Current Weight: 91.4kg      7.6kg Lost in total    1kg Lost this week And I achieved my mini goal of getting under 92 before the snow! Yay!

Starting Body Fat Content: 44.7%       Current Body Fat Content: 42.1%      2.6% Lost in total     0.4% Lost this week!!

Starting Water Content: 39.4%         Current Water Content: 39.1%          0.3% Lost in total      0.5% Gained this week creeping back to where I started

So it appears my body has now settled down and is looking at losing about 1kg a week, that is healthy at least. And although the drop is less drastic on the scales, it is really nice to see them drop from one kilo to the next.

I have already mentioned, but I will again, that my next goal is to lose a total of 10kg by the 21st of August, that is 3 weeks away today (and I will have to lose 2.4 more kilos). If I continue losing weight at 1kg per week that will be easily achieved, but I am really uncertain how I will go on holidays next week. I have no doubt that I will eat carbs on occasion and I wont be in control of the fats or sugars that I am eating, but I am really hoping that at least 4 hours of intense exercise per day will balance out whatever I eat. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, because I won’t enjoy my holiday otherwise. Even if I come back and I have gained weight….well that’s just the way it is. I will pick myself up and get right back on track when I am at home and in control again.


SW: 99    CW: 91.4


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  1. hey just wondering if you know if the sugar free redbulls are ok to drink on the dukan. I cant seem to find any information about them online.

    Have a good one


    • Hi Dana, I think they are actually ok, if you look at the nutritional information,they are very low or have no fats/carbs/etc.. I know I have had a sugar free V before, and it didn’t upset anything. Also some other people on forums have shared that they have sugar free red bull or v to help them get through their night shifts without breaking Dukan. Hope this helps xox

  2. Yay for the mini-goal, Loz! Don’t sweat the holiday – Skiing takes up STACKS of energy! Make sure you get enough carbs to keep you going, else you’re gonna crash into a mogul from exhaustion… 😉

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