Home Again :)


Sorry for my lack of posting over the last week, this is where I have been….

Mt Buller, Victoria.
My husband and I took a week off work to go on a Snowboarding Holiday! Usually the term ‘holiday’ conjures up thoughts of relaxation and time to renew yourself….this holiday (having done it before) makes me think of bruises, sore bums, cold and emergency rooms! (Thank goodness this holiday was exempt of the last thing on the list, having invested in a helmet!)

All jokes aside, I had 3 snowboarding lessons this trip, I progressed my skills a little (unfortunately I am a bit timid and it holds me back from going faster and getting better). I snowboarded only 4 out of the 6 days…Wednesday my whole body was so stiff I made an executive decision not to go out and try and sneak in some of that relaxation holidays are meant to be made of. And on Thursday I had a pretty big stack – Mum I didn’t end up in the hospital! But I did get a ridiculously sore left side of my bum and am finding it tricky to sleep, stand up and sit down, walk up and down stairs and bend over…again…executive decision not to hurt myself any more and decided to stay indoors Friday.

It felt really cheeky to be away from work during the school term. Assuming we would be away from kids for a a change, I wasn’t considering the private schools that consider skiing part of their curriculum! We had to share our hotel’s lounge/restaurant with on average 300 high school students each lunch time! It was noisy, but not as bad as it sounds.

Overall, we had a really nice time (minus the bruises) and I’m glad to be home.


SW: 99    CW: ?


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