Parfait Recipe


I love colour and I love food…so why not combine them both! Believe it or not, while I was on holidays I thought of making this in a dream!

My version has only one colour, but you could go crazy and make a whole rainbow if you wanted to 🙂 I do love rainbows

Parfait Recipe

Serves 4

Suitable for Attack and Cruise Phases


Nestle ForMe Vanilla Flavoured Yoghurt

Diet Jelly, flavour of your choice, I used Raspberry

1 tsp Gelatine

1. Add the Gelatine to the Diet Jelly crystals.

2. Make Jelly according to packet.

3. Pour into a flat dish/container and allow to set.

4. Once jelly is set, cut it into cubes.

5. Choose some really fun glasses and layer Jelly cubes with Vanilla Yoghurt.


  • I chose to add the extra gelatine to make the jelly cubes a bit more manageable
  • The taller thinner glasses turned out much better presentation wise.
  • I made mine during the day and popped them in the fridge to have later that night.



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  1. Hi Luv,

    Glad you have had a fantastic time at Bulla & didn’t end up at emergency 😉 Keep up the good work and the jelly looks lovely.
    C U Soon
    Love Mum & Dad xoxoxo

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  6. This looks incredible good, where can you buy this lite jelly packages ? I was trying to google it but I can’t seem to find an online store that sells them. I’m located in the Netherlands and I’m pretty sure there is nothing like this in the shops here 😦

    • Hi Bella, unfortunately for you I just buy it from the supermarket 😦 It is a diet jelly, like that for diabetics, I’m sure you could substitute something similar if you had it available in the Netherlands.

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