Day 38 – Cruise (PV)


Woohoo! 91.3…that’s a total of 7.7kg lost 🙂 Hope fully I will have another loss tomorrow morning and be 90.something, that would be very exciting. I’m so close to being 80 something, I’m so excited 🙂

Can you tell I’m really excited 😀 Today I had to wear my old jeans because my new ones were in the wash…they were so big! And then I went shopping and bought 2 dresses from Rivers…size 12! I know I’m not really a size 12 yet, but I fitted into these dresses and it was such a nice feeling!!! Plus, they were only $15 each…bargain!

Breakfast: Turkey Omelette with Dijon Mustard and Cream Cheese

Snack: Skinny Weak Cappuccino

Lunch: Big Salad from Subway with Steak pieces…no thank you lady, I don’t want cheese, or dressing, or salt! 🙂

Dinner: Baked Turkey Meatballs (I made a dipping sauce out of Natural Yoghurt and Dijon but I actually preferred them without)

Snack: Raspberry Jelly Parfait

Drinks: 1.5L Water, 600mL bottle Coke Zero

Exercise: Short walks here and there. Parked further away so I would have to walk longer, etc.


SW: 99    CW: 91.3


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  1. See? Didn’t I tell you the Buller weight would be gone before you knew it? Grats!!

    I can’t WAIT to be down to where you are today! When I started out, I thought I’d buy myself a new wardrobe once I hit the 99s, but right now I’m thinking I can easily wait another few months until I get down a BIT further… you’re inspiring me!

    Keep up the good work Lauren!! 🙂

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