Menu Mondays


Hi everyone! Here is take 2 of Menu Mondays at My Dukan Diary….

Menu Mondays!

Sometimes we have great ideas for what we are going to eat on the Dukan Diet, sometimes our inspiration leaves something to be desired….so let’s share what’s on the menu today to give each other some ideas.

Lots of readers have their own blog, so I have set up this Linky form, where you can add your blog address and we can visit your own Menu Mondays meme post.
All you have to do is create a post on your blog called Menu Mondays, share your menu for the day and create a link to it using the Linky form.

If you don’t have your own blog, please feel welcome to participate in our meme by leaving your menu as a comment.

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  1. I made a ‘Dukan Burger’!
    Here’s how…

    I made dukan bread ( for recipe see but if you prefer to cook in an oven as opposed to a microwave, see
    I used the microwave recipe and used Quark, which I believe is acceptable fromage.
    I simply put all ingredients into my blender then poured it in two bowls so got 2 buns (a little pudding like, but certainly manageable!,.
    I then used half a babybel light (sliced horizontally) then put in a rissole, pepper sauce, mustard, a lettuce leaf and thinly sliced onion.
    … and i have the second bun for later or tomorrow!

    Have a lovely week ahead!

  2. Hey Loz!!!!

    Im not sure if this will work, I haven’t tried to comment before, so here it goes!!!

    For those who might read this, Lauren is one of my closest friends, and I’ve been looking at her blog all the time, Im so proud of her!!! I love all of these recipes! im always trying out new ones out, so trying the cereal and bread next!!! im not as good as her with stickinjg to my diet, but she motivates me to keep trying! xoxox

  3. I had chicken strips for dinner. I cooked them in the frypan in the mccormaks all perpose seasoning and once cooked added a spoon of natural yoghurt to make a sauce. Had it with an egg also but very nice chicken the kids loved it too.

  4. Well, for dinner tonight, at my night school we had a ‘bring something antipasto sharing dinner’. Not too much suited Dukan, so I brought a dip made from Extra Light Philly and Corn Relish (minus pulp)…Thanks Tam, and with that I ate LOTS of celery.
    I also had a couple of olives (no carbs but higher fat I think) and ….. a piece of chocolate brownie. Everyone was raving about them and to be honest, the celery wasn’t that filling, so I indulged. I hope it doesn’t affect the scales too much in the morning!

  5. I marinated some chicken thighs in teriakyi sauce yesterday so I popped some under the grill and the others on the bbq. Delish! Althou I shouldn’t have eaten them all cos now I have nothing for tomoro lunch! Oops!

  6. I’ve just started the dukan Diet and am blogging about it here:

    Last night’s dinner was poached salmon with prawns sauteed in wholegrain mustard. Definitely will be trying that again!

    Tonight I’m determined to perfect a recipe for attack-phase quiches.

    Lovely to kind another dukan dieter on my side of the world!

    • Hi Claire,
      That sounds delicious! I must admit, I haven’t eaten prawns yet since starting Dukan, probably because I used to eat them with garlic, butter and rice! Maybe I will think about a dukan friendly Garlic Prawns, with Cauliflower ‘Rice’ and a creamy sauce made from garlic and extra light philly. Isn’t it fun to invent new dishes for Dukan? 🙂
      Thanks for the link to your blog, it’s really great to see how other people are going xoxo

  7. Yesterday, I made Zucchini slice (posted on my blog: and I also made your baked turkey meatballs…looks like I’ll be having that a few times this week.

    Tonight will be a Asian Beef stirfry with green beans, beef rump steak strips, chili, oyster sauce, soysauce, onion, garlic. YUM!

    • I saw that zucchini slice….looks delicious! Can’t wait to make it.
      People have mentioned that they have used things like oyster and teriyaki sauces….are they allowed on Dukan? I haven’t used them yet because I wasn’t sure, if I can, then I will definitely be making some stir frys!

      • Yum, can’t wait till I get to the cruising phase! I’ve wondered about those sauces too I nearly used fish sauce but figured the salt content is very high, same with soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and the like so I decided against it – would be interested to know what the official ‘rules’ are though

      • Well…I know low sodium soy sauce IS allowed.. I haven’t sent that oyster sauce IS allowed but I only use one tsp so I figure it’ll be OK…

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