Day 49 – Cruise (PP)


Still 88.9 on the scales this morning, but that was to be expected. I could see they were trying to go down, but they were more happy staying where they are, that’s ok. I’m still on the high of my 10kg goal 🙂

Hammies are a bit sore after training yesterday, but I like that feeling. Today I got my exercise in the best (cheeky) way….for sport, I had the kids playing Bat Tennis. They were totally engaged and playing fair (mostly), it was really good to watch. Instead of sitting down, I walked around and around their playing area for half an hour. I kept warm and got my exercise…sweet!

Tonight I’m going to get my hair done, (it’s been a while 😛 ) I’m really looking forward to it.

Breakfast: “Atkins” Protein shake (low in carbs and fat, bought it from Safeway for $2.99)….I really wasn’t hungry first thing in the morning today, so I brought it with me to school to drink while I was preparing.

Lunch: Smoked Salmon fillet….yummo! with Onion and Chives Cottage Cheese

Snack: Tub Nestle ForMe Cheesecake flavoured Yoghurt

Dinner: No time for original plans, so Dukan Bread with Cottage Cheese and Smoked Trout

Drinks: Approx 2L Water, Pepsi Max

Exercise: 30 minute Walk (so glad I got that in earlier today, zero time tonight, my hair cut took nearly 3 hours!)


SW: 99    CW: 88.9 🙂


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  1. Well done on achieving your 10kg milestone! I’ve lost about 5kg so far and can’t wait till I reach my 10kg milestone. I still have about 16kg to go, (Dukan says I’ll reach it by 28/11/10).
    I’m glad the results show up so quickly because there’s been so many cakes, pizza, biscuits, I’m fast losing my resolve!

    I reached my mini goal last week (4.5kg loss) so I’m treating myself to a movie in Gold Class 🙂

    • Congrats on the 5kg so far…doesn’t everything seem so achievable on Dukan 🙂
      What an awesome treat! I love gold class 🙂 Tonight we went to the movies and saw Salt…it was really good, I wished that it just kept going 🙂 The popcorn was calling my name, although a little quieter than last time which was nice. Since tomorrow is my weigh in day, there was no way I was going to be breaking the diet….even though I was super hungry! So I had a tub of yoghurt instead…sounds so lame doesn’t it!

      • Yay for quiet popcorn calling (as opposed to loud…)

        I think I must be majorly hormonal right now, because some pastries and chocolate called me and I didn’t resist. *sigh* I was doing so well too.

        Keep at it chicki! 🙂

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