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Apparently I linked to the wrong thing last time, so we couldn’t see LoveMyFriesHateMyThighs ‘s link….sorry. If you click on it now it will take you there 🙂 Should all be up and working this week.

All you have to do if you have your own blog is to create a new post titled Menu Monday’s, and when you go to Linky Tools, link to that post. I’m sure people would love to have a click around on your own blog and see all the great info you have on there…I think the blogging community is a great way to have a support group when you are trying to lose weight and get healthy. If you want to start your own blog, there are a couple of easy and free ways….I personally use

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  1. Ok todays addition custard mmmmmm
    2cup milk
    2egg yolks
    1tbsp sweetner
    3tsp cornflour
    3or4 drops vanilla

    Put half milk in a saucepan with sweetner
    Mix while heating to warm
    Mix all other ingredients well in another bowl
    Once the pan mix is warm slowly add in the cold mix while stirring and heat. Do not bring to a full boil but a few bubbles are ok. This will thicken the mix.
    Nice hot or cold

  2. Today’s menu consists of Bolognaise sauce (must remember to cook it so it’s not so salty!! As I keep forgetting that I’m not eating it with pasta)…also, broccoli soup.

    This week is a week of leftovers – I made a bunch of bolognaise sauce and froze it, some meatballs, some zucchini slice…

    I REALLY want to get down to the 60s this week! I was so close, yesterday, I was 70.5kg but then I went out and had a McFlurry AND some gnocchi!!

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