The Weekends’ Exercise :) and Eating :(


This weekend I made an excellent effort with my exercise…I went to a hard fitness class Saturday morning, and then spent all day Sunday at Mt. Buller for a day trip teaching others to snowboard then getting in a few runs myself.

However my eating was far from perfect 😦 Saturday night I had 2 glasses of wine at an engagement party and then ate a whole cupcake! All my male friends were like “OMG Lauren’s eating a cupcake!” (In a telling off but nice way) It was late and I was really tired, maybe that’s why I caved?

And then on Sunday I ate regular food up at Mt. Buller and ate McDonalds on the way home…again, I was very tired, so maybe that’s when I’m at my weakest. I’m sorry to say that this morning (Monday) I weighed 90.1, and in my tired state I thought I only went up 0.2kg, but no, that would be 1.2kg if I could do the maths properly! Hopefully it disappears soon and I still see a downward trend on the scales next Saturday morning.


SW: 99    CW: 90.1 😦


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  1. Don’t worry about it Lauren! I had exactly the same thing (synchonicity again?) this weekend – including the, “OMG Charlotte’s having mashed potatoes and a burger with the bun!”

    A bit of solid exercise and a mini attack later, and I’m almost back to where I started before my transgressions… 😉

    I’m trying to purge the carbs from my body by sticking to protein only for a few days – minimise carbs entirely, even the tolerated food ones like in fruit yoghurt. I’m also incorporating extra exercise – I think I’ve managed it over the weekend.

    G’luck hun! 🙂

  2. Ooh…I transgressed on the weekend too!! I think I’ll do what Charlotte is doing and have the next few days on Attack!!!

  3. Don’t be sad Lauren, you will lose it quickly. That is the best of the weight you put on quickly, it is quicker to lose than the weight that has been there for years.
    Hoping you lose it quickly.

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