Day 63 – Cruise (PP)


No change on the scales this morning…I was waiting for that to happen šŸ™‚ So I’m still 86.4.

Super busy day today, my husband and I ran a Trivia Night for my work as a fundraiser for the end of year function. We got home at 10pm, and although that’s not exactly that late when you are going flat out the whole time it is very tiring. I am half asleep sitting here writing this post.

Didn’t really eat much today šŸ˜¦

Breakfast: Low Fat Chocolate Milk (not very Dukan at all, but it’s what I really felt like and I caved)

Snack: Nestle ForMe Vanilla Yoghurt and 2 tbsp Oat Bran

Lunch: 2 VMC muffins…strawberry jelly flavour! (a little better today)

Dinner: 5 chicken ‘lovely legs’ cooked as per Yeeshin’s recipe. OMG soooo yum! The meat fell off the bone after being in the slow cooker. I cooked them for 5 hours on Auto (1hr High, 4 hrs Low) I didn’t have Tarragon (couldn’t find it in the shops anywhere) but it didn’t taste any worse off for it. I put all the ingredients into a glass bowl and in the fridge over night to marinate, so just before I went to work I popped it in the slow cooker with the timer on and a yummy dinner was waiting for me at home….hands up if you love your slow cooker!

Drinks: 1.5L water, Coke Zero

Exercise: no time to scratch myself today!


SW: 99 Ā  Ā CW: 86.4 šŸ™‚


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  1. I love my slow cooker. have not used it in a while as I can’t even bear the thought of something hot in the kitchen all day but soon, very soon it will cool down and I will use it again. What I love is the throwing everything in, in the am and then coming home to a delicious smell – YUMMO
    I am so excited my wheat bran is coming tonight and I will be able to make some new things. yippeeeee

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