Day Something…..


Hi everyone. I have been MIA for a couple of days, due to being so very busy with work, school, family and friends. I feel there has not been some ‘me’ time in the mix for a while.

I will admit that yesterday I had some big stumbles on the Dukan Diet. This hasn’t happened to me really yet…so it has been quite challenging to sort out in my head.

Monday I was out in the city all day and had to make do with the choices around me for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was hard to be completely in control of things like salt and oil, but I tried my best to fit Dukan. It was quite an emotionally draining day for me as I went for a job interview (which I think I am successful!…tell you later 😛 ) So although it was not a failure Dukan-wise, it set me up for yesterday 😦

Yesterday (Tuesday) I was feeling quite tired and I was outside at an athletics carnival. I didn’t bring adequate food (my bad for not preparing… but this was related to being tired) I was so sick of yoghurts and cold meat that I bought my lunch from the canteen there…totally not Dukan! And the worst part was that I really enjoyed eating all the things I realised I had been missing. So then I felt guilty, and decided that I should write the whole day off and I ate a non-Dukan dinner.

Only this morning I am starting to get my head straight again, and I’m sucking it up and eating yoghurt as I write this. I’m going to have a beef salad for lunch and tomato bolognaise for dinner. I have had my Oat Bran and I’m getting back on top of 2L of Water.

I’m on holidays soon, and I know this will help me get back on track…only a week and half until some ‘me’ time.



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  1. Hey hun! Don’t sweat it!! We all have our off days – and I hear you on the “totally enjoying the things you were missing” thing. Off-diet foods still hold a powerful lure for me.

    But at this point, you know the drill – a few days of attack, no TFs and the prescribed exercise, and you’ll be right back on track. And even if you just pick up Cruise again as normal, you’ll hardly notice anything’s wrong… I’ve been totally impressed with your progress – I can’t WAIT to get to where you are!

    And – how’s this for synchronicity! I’ve been sick the past couple of days, and have totally fallen off the wagon too. I ate, like, a WHOLE packet of sweeties yesterday in a snot-filled haze (eeew) and peanut butter with my celery and all.

    I’ll get back on the wagon if you will! 😉

    Charlotte xx

  2. Meh i had my first day like that on Sunday…..once it started it was all downhill fast.
    But…..i did three days of PP this week and its all good.
    Dont beat yourself up, we all need to indulge at some point xx

  3. Yeah everyone is right – it happens to all of us. The important thing is getting back on track. Hope you are successful in your job interview and thanks for posting on my blog – it is so encouraging!!!
    Good Luck

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