Day 69 – Cruise (PP)


This morning on the scales I was 86.5, so that’s not too bad I guess. Just like any other Dukan transgression, all it does it set you back a few days or so for reaching your goal.

Breakfast: Tub Nestle ForMe Yoghurt

Snack: 1/2 tub Onion and Chive Cottage Cheese with small tin Tuna in springwater

Lunch: Sliced Chicken Breast with other half of Cottage Cheese tub

Snack: 2 Double D Lollies

Dinner: Roast Chicken from Safeway with 1 Babybel Lite melted over the top

Snack: Skinny Cow IceCream at Movie Night šŸ™‚
We watched Hot Tub Time Machine…it was really funny!

Drinks: 2.4L Water & Coke Zero

Exercise: Nothing formal, just walked around on yard duty

No Oat Bran today šŸ˜¦ hmmm, gotta pay more attention to following the basics of the Dukan Diet!


SW: 99Ā Ā Ā  CW: 86.5


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  1. You’ll be fine once your get back on the wagon. Love, peace and know that we’re rootin’ fur ya.

    The only words of advice for future that I could offer is that if/ when you fall of the wagon, please don’t write off the rest of the day! Every calorie counts when you go off diet, so my tip is to do what you have to do, but don’t let go completely, reign it in as soon as you can!

    In consolidation you get to eat a celebration meal once or twice a week, you also get a meal that has pasta, and daily bread and cheese etc. But Dukan stresses that you must not do more than the meal or the dose of dailies, and that you shouldn’t have the meals close together, but spread through the week.

    We’re finding it hard; as soon as you kinda “let go” a wee bit and allow yourself a celebration off-diet meal, it is so easy to lose the plot for that whole day! I guess Dukan is trying to train us for stabilisation by getting it into our thick heads that we cannot return to old eating habits. We have to rewire our brains so that we never can let go so completely again.

    Anyways, you’re doing great guns; you’ve lost 12.5kg so far, which is nearly 0.2kg/day, so just think in a month you’ll be in the 70s. A MONTH! It’ll fly past in no time. Hope you are doing Charlotte’s famous spreadsheet (if you can be bothered, post up a chart). Stick with it!

  2. Hey I just found your blog because i was looking for some Dukan recipes, and it’s really encouraging to read about other people on the Dukan Diet. I’m in week three on the cruise phase, and I’ve found it really hard this week because I haven’t lost anything in 5 days, my weight has been fluctuating which I’m hoping is due to water retention..but I’ve been working really really hard and haven’t slipped up at all yet. a bit frustrating but I’ve read that a plateau is normal, reading your blog gives me motivation to push through it and keep going, so thanks for your words!

  3. Lauren,

    I am thinking because you have not posted for a couple of days that you are a little bit down ?

    I hope not because you have inspired me each day with your blog and I am missing it !

    Its so fantastic what you have done …..

    I started Dukan with wanting only to lose about 11/12 pounds (Possibly a stone) to get back to a small, healthy UK size 14.

    I say ONLY – Ha because in the pass not easy to lose & if I do to keep off !

    I am being realistic that because of my life style (Read social life) that I will never be a size zero or want to be !!!

    I love cooking and have followed most of your recipes, cross referencing with Charlotte in Scotland – Oh, We are an international lot !

    I have lost 8 pounds since the start of my regime (14 Aug) my Dukan chart says I should reach target 2 Oct but I can’t see it as I have plateau over the last 10 days …………….. Stuck at 11 stone, can’t get under the line & its driving me mad !

    I have had a party (I had no food, wine only !), two meals out (Steak & salads) & of course down the pub (Lager!).

    I am definitely not drinking as much I was which is good but I have factored in it will take me longer than Mr Dukan thinks !

    Today is a danger day, off to a Sunday food tasting fair in Leamington Spa & next weekend I am away for ‘Girls weekend’ in Whitby in Yorkshire (Which is land of famous fish & chips) !

    So you see why I need you to set me an example !

    On days that I have things planned I am ‘Cruising” strictly at home before going out & days I have nothing on are ‘Attack days’ which means I have not actually re-put any weight on that I have lost – Which I am very very happy about.

    So reasons to be happy – You have lost 12.5g, You have a fantastic Blog & You inspire me (& others) !

    Have a good week


    P S Maybe I have just over reacted and its your computer has broken !

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