Day 71 – Cruise (PP) / Stats (11)


Hi Everyone! I’m so sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth over the past couple of days. After my slip up earlier last week, I have gotten right back into the swing of things for Dukan…except blogging! I have been EXTREMELY busy with work and social commitments…Hens Weekend Away for one!

Today I had a PP day, and was not very hungry for most of the day, but I still ate because I know you should. Here is a run down of what I ate today…

Breakfast: 2 Egg Omelette made with a dash of water (skim milk was past the date…didn’t effect the taste however the consistency was a little thinner, I didn’t mind it) with 1/4 finely chopped Onion and some finely chopped Bacon.

Lunch: Some small slices of Chicken Breast, 1 Hard Boiled Egg, 4 slices Silverside (from deli) all fat removed and 4 tiny Pickled Onions

Dinner: Some Roast Beef…first meal in my brother’s new house šŸ™‚

Snack: Some fancy yoghurt that they kindly bought for me so I wouldn’t miss out on dessert šŸ™‚ So sweet xoxo

Drinks: Not sure how much water & Coke Zero

Exercise: Does dancing between midnight and 3am this morning count?? šŸ˜›

Aaargh…no Oat Bran again, and I’m way too full to eat anything more now. Must do better tomorrow!

Because I stayed in the city last night, I didn’t get a chance to weigh myself this morning. Yesterday’s results…Stats (11)…can be seen on the graph below. Isn’t it so pretty, something to inspire anyone who is on or thinking about doing the Dukan Diet. So close to half way…my next mini goal – of which I hoped to achieve in the next 4 days (Sept 16).

Starting Weight: 99.0kg
Current Weight: 85.4kg
13.6kg Lost in total
1.0kg lost this weekĀ :)

Starting Body Fat Content:Ā 44.7%
Current Body Fat Content: 39.5%
5.2% Lost in total
0.4% Lost this week

Starting Water Content:Ā 39.4%
Current Water Content: 41%
1.6% Gained in total (up 0.4 from last week šŸ™‚Ā )


SW: 99 Ā  Ā CW: ?


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  1. That chart shows how far you’ve come in such a short time! Fabulous! Your clothes must be hanging off you. Halfway is near enough to call. Foregone conclusion. No sweat. It’s pretty hard to focus 100% for the entire duration of such a long diet, keeping motivated can be difficult, so the odd stray event is actually useful in being a welcome diversion. We found our taste in meals and drinks totally changed as we went through cruise; we started off quite savoury — strong flavours, chilli, curry, vinegar and the like, by the end of cruise we were eating more sweet stuff, more chocolate galettes, muffins, cheesecake, diet coke, xylitol chewing gum. How weird is that?

    The change in diet by trying recipes such as yours helped us on this diet immensely… so a HUGE THANK YOU!

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