Check this article out for some recipes…from the Dukan Recipe Book!


This looks fabulous. Can’t wait to get a copy of the book šŸ™‚

A fabulous place to buy books online, for cheaper than you would buy here in Australia is

One GREAT thing is that they have free postage worldwide, and for me the prices are in $AU so I know exactly how much I’m going to pay.

I have only heard great feedback about the site, and I’m going to start buying more of my books from there.

Here is a link to the Dukan Recipe Book which you can pre-order.

**This has just been a friendly community announcement for all of my peeps šŸ™‚ ***



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  1. Wow, I thought the recipes in the book would be a bit average and full of ingedients we couldn’t get but these look amazing! Love the look of those meringues, I’ve been thinking for ages that meringues would be a good dukan recipe. Think I’ll have to place an order for the book!

  2. Hmmm, on closer inspection the photos are just stock images…so they don’t actually match the recipe! i.e. there is noodles in the vietnamese beef dish and grapes in the chicken and mushroom dish. I’m sure the recipes are still good though!

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