Day 73 – Cruise (PP)


Well, still 85.3 on the scales, I could see them soo want to drop to 84.something, but at the last minute they flicked back up to 85.3. Yesterday was a PV day and I didn’t go for a walk, so fingers crossed for tomorrow 🙂

There was another special morning tea at work today! Instead of running away from all of the treats I plonked myself down at the table and ate my chicken breast (which was not as yummy as last time), I felt like challenging myself to be around everything and not want it. My mini goal, of which I am supposed to reach in 2 days! is very motivating.

Breakfast: Nestle ForMe Yoghurt with 2 tbsp Oat Bran

Snack: 140g Diced Chicken Breast

Lunch: Half a dozen Kilpatrick Oysters, but I only at 3 Oysters and all of the bacon

Dinner: Lemon and Thyme Slow Cooker Chicken

Snack: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sundae (snuck one into the movies 🙂 )

Drinks: 2L Water, Pepsi Max

Exercise: edit: Nothing today, we went to the movies instead, so quite the opposite of exercise 😦


SW: 99    CW: 85.3


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    • Lauren, you WILL totally succeed in this diet because that is the right attitude amongst food!

      Some ex-smokers we know don’t seem to mind being around smokers, and alcoholics don’t mind being in a pub. We used to ask if it made them uncomfortable, but they would say that they prefer to stay because they are trying not to relate to it, rather than miss or crave it.

      By not avoiding it, they accept that it is for other people, just not for them.

      One told us that he was not battling the drink, rather he was battling the lifestyle; he couldn’t cut off the lifestyle of going to clubs and pubs (why should he?) just to avoid temptation!

      He said that people who avoid are weak, that the best way was to find a way to live your lifestyle and simply not drink — get all the good and none of the bad.

      You have to flick a switch in your head, you have to rewire your brain to be cured as Dukan would say.

      We love that this is what you are doing, that you put you ahead of a cheap cake.

      BTW after 73 days it is all in the mind because as soon as you do eat something it is not as nice as you thought it was gonna be, and can make you pretty sickish — see Charlotte’s blog for details!

  1. Well done you, for sitting infront of all that stuff and not cheating at all! I totally need to psych myself up for that, like, from the NIGHT BEFORE!

    Crossing my fingers with Tam for your next mini goal! 🙂


    • If I could cross my toes…I would…but I vaguely remember something from my childhood that it was bad luck to cross more than one thing?? hmmm 😛 (ha! If only I could cross my legs properly 😀 )

      • Over here, if you cross your fingers it’s for luck. But as kids when you told a lie you would hide your hands behind your back and cross fingers on BOTH hands to negate the lie or double your good luck or protecting yourself from consequences or something! LOL.

        TL;DR: crossing fingers on both hands usually means you’re lying!

  2. Well done on resisting. I have a huge wedding tonight and I am trying to psych myself up for it.
    Hope you reach your next goal – I am sure you will.
    Well done on staying strong.

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