Ok, so here goes…


Me…before starting Dukan….

And me 10.5 weeks after…
(pls excuse the bad quality photo, it was taken on my phone)

Heehee…same dress 🙂

(no full length portrait yet 😛 )


SW: 99    CW: 84.9


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  1. I started the Dukan diet yesterday and been reading through every single dieters blog to give me inspiration and I was delighted to come across yours as you have had your ‘naughty’ moments but still managed to stay on track. I am in the beginning phase and my intentions are still very pure!

    Excellent work! you should be very proud!
    I have 10kg’s to lose in 2 months… I honestly hope to achieve it.

  2. You look amazing! You have a beautiful face, but that was clear in both pictures 🙂 Well done on all the hard work, i’ve been lurking about your blog for sometime, keep it up! x

  3. WOW – you look amazing. The shape of your face has changed so much, you must get so many comments about how good you look. A big thankyou, I love seeing your daily updates in my inbox…You are a true inspiration and motivator xoxoR

  4. Hi Lauren. I have been following your blog for the past two months and just wanted to say that reading your posts has been really motivating. You should be so proud of yourself. You are looking fantastic and I bet you feel great too. I’m sure that you will reach your final goal in no time at all. Best of luck! x

  5. Awww Lauren – Faaahbulous darlink! I love the “same dress” look too. I went through my wardrobe the other day and had a big cull of all the jeans that no longer fit me – and hopefully never will again. I kept one pair though – the biggest one, cause I want to do one of those crazy post-diet photos with me holding the waist of the jeans from my newly svelte body, looking oh-so-smug!

    When the time comes to cull your own wardrobe, make sure you keep one article of clothing that helps remind you of how far you’ve come – and join me in the smug “look at my waistband” photos! 😉

    Though personally, I think you look beautiful in both photos. 😉


  6. Well done Lauren
    I read your blog everyday and I have said this before – you are such an inspiration.
    You looked beautiful in both pics but you can really see a difference.
    well done!!!

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