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This has been the best week for me on the Dukan Diet. Not so much in losing the most weight, but feeling the most motivated and happy. This week I have really noticed a difference in my body, and wherever I go I am getting tons of compliments about how I look. People are asking me questions about the diet and I try to answer them as best as I can, without misleading them, but quite honestly I only have good things to say šŸ™‚

That, and of course the fact that I have passed the halfway point and I feel as though it is downhill from here. My weight loss is picking up again and now that I am on school holidays again (just like I was when I started the diet) I will be able to dedicate all the energy I need to exercise and cooking šŸ˜€

Starting Weight: 99.0kg
Current Weight: 83.8kg
15.2kg Lost in 11 Weeks
1.6kg lost this week

Starting Body Fat Content:Ā 44.7%
Current Body Fat Content: 38.8%
5.9% Lost in 11 Weeks
0.7% Lost this week šŸ˜€

Starting Water Content:Ā 39.4%
Current Water Content: 41.4%
2% Gained in 11 Weeks (up 0.4 from last weekĀ :) )



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  1. Am so proud of you!! You are doing so well and are a real inspiration!

    My recipe book arrived today, so no excuse for not sticking to it now! Is it out in Aus yet?

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