Day 80 – Cruise (PV)


OMG 82.6 today! Lost another 0.7kg overnight 😀 This diet is awesome!! I feel like I was just 92.something 🙂

I went to the movies today, to see for the second time…Tomorrow When The War Began…Love it! It was originally a book written by John Marsden, one of a series of 7. I read it in about year 7 I think…SUCH a good story, have you read it?

My copy of the book is the same as the one pictured below (but in better condition :P)…with one small difference: Inside it’s signed…”To Lauren, Go Well. John Marsden” (as are all of my other books in the series!) I was lucky enough to have my Dad take me to the local library when he came once as a visiting author and he signed all of my books…Yay! I still love them 🙂 …Thanks Dad xo

img source

img source

Breakfast: Nothing…I slept in 😛

Lunch: Beef Bolognaise…made by my husband so it tasted better than ever before

Snack: 4 Double D Sugar Free Lollies (at the movies)

Snack: 3 Vanilla Moist Cake Muffins

Dinner: 140g Diced Chicken Breast

Drinks: 1.5L Water & Giant Pepsi Max at the movies

Exercise: Nothing formal, just lots of dancing around the house doing house work 🙂


SW: 99    CW: 82.6 😀


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  1. Jealous jealous jealous! Aside from one small biscuit (followed by a good gym session) I was totally good today, and was rewarded by an almost exactly NEGATIVE result on the scales to you this morning. BOOO! (for me, not for you, you’re doing great)

    I loved that series of books when I was a kid. He kinda lost me later on, but the first book in particular was pretty special. Kinda like an Aussie version of Red Dawn… 😉 I didn’t realise they’d made a movie – I’ll have to check it out.

    • Thanks so much 🙂 You are doing fantastic too so don’t sell yourself short! We can’t expect to lose something everyday (like at the start) it’s probably not healthy or something….so my husband is telling me 😛

  2. Well done Lauren!!!!!
    I have been offline with no internet for ages – only 5 days but it seems longer. I am trying to catch up all I have missed. WOW you are doing so well.
    Keep it up and glad you enjoyed the movie.

  3. You’re doing soo well Lauren! As Charlotte said, i’m jealous too! 🙂 Well done! Seems it’s going soo slow with me. now i’m starting to think that i might be doing something wrong! Most of the Dukan Dieters at day 20 lost much much more than i did. Oh well, i’m not giving up .. at least my weight is going down and not up! 🙂
    Keep it up Lauren! 🙂

    • That is totally it Julie! Think about where you would have been if you didn’t start Dukan…You are so much better off now. There are people on the Australian FB Forum who lose weight very slowly on Dukan, but that’s ok to them, because in the end the trend is downwards. Keep up the great work!!

  4. I’m so excited by this post Lauren – I love the Tomorrow series and occasionally re-read them all back to back. I was so excited when the three follow up books came out a few years ago, they definitely fed the habit! I still haven’t seen the movie but am hoping to get along to it ASAP, very excited about it!

  5. Loved loved loved the books. I have them all. Originals but mine aren’t signed 😦 Gotta wait for the DVD cause with 4 kids I’ve got bucklys of getting to the movies. I’m glad you liked it I was worried that it might be a bad movie version and let’s face it some are. I can’t wait. Oh and well done on the loss 🙂

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