Day 83 – Cruise (PV)


So today I went to my first Bikram Yoga class in Werribee….OMG! It sure was an experience. I am really proud of myself for staying in the room for the whole 1 1/2 hour class. The room is heated to 39 degrees…I started to sweat when I walked in and sat on my mat 😛 I have never sweated so much in my entire life! I was sweating on my arms and on the tops of my feet (I didn’t know your feet could do that!) I’m a beginner at yoga, but the poses were things I could mostly do at my level, so that part wasn’t hard, it was more the environment which was the challenge. To be honest I sat down for more about half of the class, which is apparently ok and normal for beginners. It’s just I was soooo light headed when I stood up I would nearly faint. Some people experience nausea…thank goodness I didn’t. The think is, I didn’t eat anything before going, so I am going to attribute part of the light headedness to that. They advise you to eat something small like a piece of fruit 2 hours before class….but since I can’t eat fruit on Dukan, I couldn’t think of anything I felt like eating. Next time (Sunday morning!) I will eat something beforehand, I just don’t know what yet. Any suggestions….please?!

I had SUCH a busy day today. After racing home and SCOFFING down food (cannot explain the hunger!) I picked up my brother’s girlfriend and we went to IKEA in Richmond for the afternoon! So much fun. I got some awesome things for my desk, will show you all a photo of where I blog when it’s clean and ready 🙂 At Ikea, I suddenly became famished!.. only a little while after eating earlier. I decided I was going to eat carbs, but when I went to the food part I went with the meatballs with none of the extra things…they wouldn’t let me swap the mashed potato for carrots and peas 😦 Only until I was nearly finished did I remember Tam’s advice about using a paper towel on a sausage to remove fat….so I grabbed some napkins and squeezed the fat from the remaining meatballs. Wow…I kinda wish I hadn’t coz it made me realise how much fat I had eaten in all the rest 😦 Oh well, better than carbs.

Dinner however, another story. I’ll just be out with it…I ate 3 slices of pizza and a Magnum Ice Cream. It definitely stemmed from the exercise in the morning, my body was so hungry and wanting energy so badly that I just ate what everyone else was eating. I hope it doesn’t affect me too much for my weigh in tomorrow (stupid time to have a break from Dukan – night before my weekly weigh in!)

Breakfast: Nothing…before Yoga

Lunch: 5 small slices Light Ham with 1 whole Tomato and 3 tbsp Gherkin Cottage Cheese

2nd Lunch: Meatballs from Ikea

Dinner: 3 slices Pizza and a Magnum Ice Cream

Snack: 5 Maltesers

Drinks: Not enough water and lots of Coke Zero!

Exercise: 1.5 hours Bikram Yoga


SW: 99    CW: 82.6


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  1. I have seen on the chat they adbose for people who do vigerous exercise like riding or running competition and for training that a piece of fruit is ok because you use the energy really quick when exercising. Try it and see how you feel. Or I quiet often have a dozen hot chops oven baked before a netball game. I nearly passed out in the first quarter the first time I played on dukan so needed something extra. It hasn’t had an impact if I have it just before hand I still lose the next day. Good luck.

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