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A pretty good week on holidays, except for my break last night. I’m sure if I didn’t deviate last night I would weigh even less today, but still a good loss this week.

I still haven’t quite got as much exercise in as I would have hoped… I will try better next week.

In terms of reaching my next goal, I have 11 days to lose 1.5kg. I really hope I achieve it…even a little bit ahead of schedule would be nice 🙂

Starting Weight: 99.0kg
Current Weight: 82.5kg
16.5kg Lost in 12 Weeks
1.3kg lost this week :)

Starting Body Fat Content: 44.7%
Current Body Fat Content: 38.5%
6.2% Lost in 12 Weeks
0.3% Lost this week :D

Starting Water Content: 39.4%
Current Water Content: 41.6%
2.2% Gained in 11 Weeks (up 0.2 from last week :) )



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  1. Well done Lauren! You have done so well!!!
    I know I have said this before but I really enjoy your blog. It makes me laugh and I love the fact that you are so honest with what you eat.

    Keep it up and you will soon be there!!!

  2. You’re still maintaining a rounded-off 0.2kg/ av. day rate of loss (2kg every 10 days), which is what Charlotte in Edinburgh has maintained too.

    For us, Dave had that rate until consolidation, and I switched from 2kg per 10 days to 1kg per 10 days about halfway through. So you’re on track.

    We find it an interesting fact that you keep wanting to do more exercise, but your rate of loss is the same as so many that are flogging themselves in gyms across the world.

    We did zero extra exercise, lost the weight over the summer, and will consolidate over autumn. Now that we’re not too hideous and an offence to the public sensibility, we have become a wee bit more active, taking the kids to the swimming pool and beach at the weekends.

    We’ve thinking of something like Thai Chi/ yoga or 5BX/ XBX, or Tabata — something that we can fit into our day for the rest of our lives as it were. Something short, basically. LOL.

    • Hey 🙂
      I actually really enjoy exercise, and also trying new things, so those things combined led me to trying the Bikram Yoga. My close group of friends are all quite fit and healthy people who include various forms of exercise as part of their social lives…we go indoor rock climbing and train regularly at our friends’ Mixed Martial Arts gym. Also, my husband and I, and various friends, took a number of snowboarding trips this winter, which is quite a vigorous form of exercise 😀
      To be honest, now that I have lost quite a bit of weight I’m interested in kicking up the exercise to tone up some areas which otherwise might go flabby!
      Silly question…whats 5BX/XBX?? 😛

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