Day 89 – Cruise (PV)


What a great day…I went to Bikram yoga for the second time and I am absolutely in love with it! This time, I managed to join in for a lot more than last time, however I still felt light headed at moments and had to stop. A lady there said it could take 5 or 6 sessions to get used to the heat….and I have low blood pressure, so that won’t help with the light headedness. In the heat you can push your body so much farther than you could otherwise. The instructor was really great too (a different one from last time).

This is one of may favourite poses…and yes I can do it! (just not yet perfectly and in a tank top!)


Here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast: 4 strawberries (In preparation for the yoga)…sooo delicious! (Must try and forget that memory until the next time I do Yoga)

Snack: 5 slices of Ham with 1 Tomato

Lunch: 2 Eggs and 3 slices of lean Bacon

Snack: Jarrah Chocolatte made with ice and water, Oat Bran added in after blending…EPIC FAIL! I used too much water and it just tasted horrible, and all the oat bran kept floating to the bottom so I was gonna be left with a huge glob of watery oat bran. So I put it in the microwave to to make ‘Chocolate Porridge’! Aside from the fact that it bubbled over and I lost some of it, I would say that it was a success!

Dinner: Dinner Party at my friends house…Dukan Pumpkin Soup for Entree, Roast Chicken & Beef & Roasted Vegetables for Main and Strawberry Dukan Cheesecake for Dessert!!!

Drinks: Sooo much water (I lost track) and some Coke Zero at dinner

Exercise: 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga

So how did I go today?

More Water….Check!
Less Coke Zero….Check!
Oat Bran….Check!
No TF’s….Little Check 😛 The cheesecake had Extra Light Philly Cream Cheese which is still a touch high in fats…and I had a big serve of Cheesecake 😛


SW: 99    CW: 82.1


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  1. You did GREAT today!! And you seem soo happy about how your day went! Good job Lauren! You’re doing great. My friend told me about Bikram Yoga, it does sound interesting and fun. We have one close to us. Everytime i say i want to start, i don’t! Maybe tomorrow i’ll just shoot them an email or call to get some details and schedule times. Maybe it’ll be something that will work with me too! 🙂
    Good luck tomorrow on the scales and i know you’ll reach your next mini taraget weight! -you actually don’t need luck. You’re doing GREAT!

    • Thanks Julie XO
      You should so give it a go! It is not easy by any means, but it does get easier as time goes on. Just make sure you are VERY well hydrated before you do it. Ours is a 40 minute drive away, I wish there was one close by 🙂

  2. Well done that’s a great day. I think I’ll stick with zumba and tae bo you keep the really hot room. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

  3. Thanks for the chocolate porridge idea. It’s raining and the kids and I just had it for lunch. Yum yum. Definatly one to add to the menu.

  4. HURRAY! What a good day – you did really well. See, I knew there was change a-comin’ for us! I’ve had 2 Perfect Days, and the scales totally reflect that.

    Go synchronicity! 🙂


  5. The yoga sounds really fun! I wish they had something like that where I lived. 😦 I get so bored just working out at the gym… Just reading about you have strawberries for breakfast made me want them so bad! I have seriously never ever craved a strawberry. Lol 🙂

    You’re doing a great job!
    Lizzy xx

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