For some fun…


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  1. Gosh that’s a hard one – I love em all! But I went with oatbran cause one of the things I enjoy the most is my morning porridge, and I love how it makes chicken crispy when you put a small sprinkling on with fajita seasoning… YUM!

  2. That was hard, I almost ticked Oatbran, because I too love my porridge, but eggs it had to be. After all I have 29 hens outside laying me lovely fresh free-range eggs each day and I have to sound grateful!! Lol.

      • I have some chickens in my backyard to Lauren. They are in a run behind the shed 4 of them in a space about 7m x 1m. They get out and about in the yard every couple of days. Really aren’t hard to keep and I get fresh eggs but most of all I love to watch them. They have such different personalities it’s funny to watch.

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