Day 95 – Cruise (PV)


Yatta! 81.0kg, I made my goal….just in time! When I first hopped on the scales I was still 81.1 and I was quite sleepy, so I didn’t get too upset. Then later on as I was getting ready for work I weighed myself again and the scales said 80.5 (I was thinking whaaat?!) Then when I did it again (a couple of times more) they settled on 81 and stayed there.

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words of encouragement and support…I have a sneaking suspicion the scales only dropped 100g because I willed them too, and with all of your thoughts as well!

I was VERY glad to be having veggies today, and really enjoyed the leafy greens I had at lunch. Veggies are so good.

So with achieving a mini goal, comes setting a new one…79kg! That means I will have lost 20kg!
I would like to stick to the plan of 1kg per week, but I think I might be pushing it as my weight loss has really slowed down I feel on the home stretch of the Cruise Phase. But, you have to aim for something, so…I hope to weigh 79kg on (or before) October 20, which is 2 weeks away 🙂

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Oatbran Porridge…why have I not had this sooner!

Snack: Yoplait ForMe Cheesecake Yoghurt, 1/2 tub Onion & Chive Cottage Cheese

Lunch: ‘Big’ Salad of Baby Spinach and Rocket with a little Carrot and Red Capsicum, & Sliced Chicken Breast. I also had about the equivalent of 1/2 egg mashed up with some lettuce (from the inside of little sandwiches…doesn’t it suck when lunch is free yet you have to bring your own!)

Snack: 3 small pieces Beef Jerky (I read on the Dukan chat that  it is allowed)

Dinner: Beef Bolognese with 1 Babybel Lite (my treat after reaching my goal!)

Drinks: 2L Water, Bottle of SugarFree V & Coke Zero

Exercise: Nothing 😦 It absolutely poured today and I even took my socks and runners to go for a walk in the lunch break and couldn’t get away


SW: 99    CW: 81 XD


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  1. Lol @ ” Oatbran Porridge…why have I not had this sooner!”

    I was thinking exactly the same thing today. Slow me only “discovered” it 2 days ago!!

    Congratulations on reaching your goal!! Well done! 🙂

    • Thanks Gail. I made my porridge in a microwave safe jug and cooked it for 1 minute, stirred, then another 45 seconds. It turned out perfectly. The jug meant that it didn’t bubble over the sides. Easy to wash up too!

      • Hehe… I’m a total oatbran porridge evangelist. I love the stuff. Try it with some cinnamon – omg so good! It’s like apple pie…

      • Told ya I was slow… I hadn’t even made it to the microwave. 😉 What did you use? Water/Skinny Milk? I love it because sometimes I just don’t have the time to make oatbran pancakes!

  2. Well done – I was willing it to happen for you. I think I will set mini goals rather than looking at the bigger (no pun intended) picture.
    X Bee

    • Thanks Bee! The mini goals are great because you get to experience success along the way, rather than waiting for the end 🙂 It is gonna be one huge celebration when I reach my goal!
      How are you going with your diet? What is your goal weight?

  3. Hurray! Wow, that was close – perfect timing though! So proud of you! 🙂

    It’s whoosh time for everyone this morning! Yatta! Eureka!

    Snoopy dance time? I think so.

    *does nekkid snoopy dance*

    • Cool! I know what I’m having for brekkie tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks again, now I know it works in the microwave!
      PS: It’s actually very similar (in appearance) to what I give the kids (and can’t eat with them). I mill and cook their rolled wholegrain oats in the Thermomix. I have never seen them so excited about porridge…ever.
      Have a good night! 🙂

      • Could your kids eat Oat Bran too…that way you only have to make one lot of food? Or are the oats better for the kids??
        Kids excited about healthy breakfasts sounds really nice. I only wish all kids (and parents for that matter) had a similar approach to nutrition! 😛

      • My kids eat the oat bran. They like when I make your delicious chocolate invention. I have to fight them for it.

  4. Well done Lauren, you must be so pleased. You worked hard for and it is a great feeling. You will be 79 before you realise it.
    Oat bran porridge is my staple I have been having it for ages and I am still not sick of it. It keeps me full for ages – I LOVE IT.
    woo hoo on your weight loss.

  5. C O N G R A T S !
    *hand up for a high five*
    99-81/95 days is 0.189, which still rounds to 0.2kg-a-day as average — and that’s still fabulous!

    2kg every 10 days basically!

    It follows that you ought to have lost 20kg on or about day 100.

    Woo hoo — under a fortnight to hit the next minigoal of 79kg.

    Sheesh — just think what you were carrying around just three months ago!

    Do you HAVE any clothes anymore? Are THOSE jeans too big for you yet?

    • Wow Ruth a woman after my own heart. I love to look at things like that and break it down. You can see just how monumental an achievement it is.
      Well done Lauren so proud of you.

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