Special Present Winner….


Since there were a couple of extra comments on the post…here is the order that everyone commented in:

1. Tam

2. Jeanette

3. Sue

4. Sue

5. Tota

and the winner is………(using the trusty random number generator random.org)

# 1 Tam!

Thanks so much for all of your support Tam, here on my blog, and on the Australian Dukan Facebook Page. You are a real sweetheart who helps so many with your kind comments and inspiring words. Thank you also, for the recipes you have shared, I know I love them and I’m sure others do as well. I think it’s great we both have the same goal weight and I’m so excited for you as you are so close to achieving it! XOXO



3 responses »

  1. Oh Geez glad to know I’m appreciated. Your are a great support for me too. As for nearly at goal weight at the rate your going you might beat me to it. So what do I do now that I’m the special present winner?

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