Day 109 – Cruise (PV)


Back down to 79.3 today…I’m happy it’s down, but Im getting a bit over the up and down-ness of the scales.

Right now with having so much on my plate my eating and diet is not on the top of my list of priorities, lpmisslp is right in her comment, it’s hard to juggle work, school, home, diet 😦
Unfortunately tonight I got home late and I just wanted to eat, and of course if you want something for convenience…it will not be Dukan friendly. I had grilled fish and chips….my first since starting Dukan 😦 It made me feel so satisfied though (I’m a bit ashamed to say)….I’m not really a model Dukaneer at the moment 😦 I hope tomorrow’s weigh in is not too dramatic!

Breakfast: Oat Bran Porridge

Second Breakfast: Very low fat flavoured milk (still too high in carbs-sugar though)

Snack: Sliced Chicken Breast and Onion & Chive Cottage Cheese

Lunch: Leafy Green Salad with a small amount Chicken Breast

Dinner: Grilled Salmon and some Chips

Snack: Chocolate ^o^

Drinks: Approx 1.5L Water & 2 cans Coke Zero

Exercise: Nothing


SW: 99    CW: 79.3


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  1. That’s some craziness right there – Day 109. It was about Day 105-109 where things started to fall apart for me, and I stopped losing weight anywhere near as fast. I got a taste for carbs again, and that was coupled with some busy times and friends staying and more carbs and sneaky carbs… It was also around the time when I’d hit 20kgs too.

    Learn from my mistakes – once you start adding a teensy bit of carbs back in your diet, it’s VERY hard to get back on the wagon fully. Today’s been my first PROPER Dukan day in AGES. I’m hoping this will push me back into action.

    YOU CAN DO THIS, LAUREN!! Don’t be disheartened by the up and downiness of the scales, keep your eye on the overall picture, the long term trend. I’ve been thinking that I’ve stagnated for the past 4 weeks, when in fact I’ve still lost 2.5kgs, which is not exactly a stagnation!!

    Sorry, that was a pre-emptive pep talk. I really want to help you avoid the mistakes I made at around this time in my diet. I’ll be hella jealous when you do, but will enjoy your success by proxy! 😉

    • Thanks Charlotte 🙂
      I know what you mean hey!
      It’s almost like my mind is starting to say…’well i am really happy with how i look now…i get told i look great all the time…maybe this could be my goal weight. OR…I’m so close to my goal…surely this wouldn’t hurt…OR…I’ve worked so hard for quite a while now, I deserve a break’
      It’s that nasty little red man on your shoulder at work, I have to get the white one to wake up and start taking over!
      This week I will only be listening to his advice 😛

  2. Hey Lauren!
    I’m a new reader of yours from New Zealand. Its really nice to read your blog and actually be able to find (mostly) the same ingredients in my supermarket!
    I have been on the Dukan diet for just over a month, lost weight really easily in the attack phase and first two weeks of cruise, but have stagnated at the same weight for the last two weeks. Probably what I have been doing is having little slip ups almost everyday… like almonds, or a few teaspoons of pesto, or not being organised and having to buy salads at uni even on PP days. My weekends are the worst though, too much temptations at my boyfriends (chocolate, chips, etc!) EEK!
    So anyways have decided to re commit and do a couple of PP days to get back on track.
    Your blog has really inspired me, and I cant wait to try some of the recipes you recommend.
    Just wanted to say a huge congrats on your progress! And looking forward to more posts! 🙂

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks for leaving a comment xo
      It sounds like you got off to a great start…keep it up! Remember, if you can stick to the diet as best as you can, if not perfectly, at the start it will make things easier for you in the long run,
      Good luck with your re-attack phase! Let me know how you go xoxo

  3. That was a good pep talk Charlotte. I am no where near you ladies – I have only lost 10 but I am feeling bored with the food and unmotivated at the moment. the only thing stopping me is that I have done all this hard work and I am not going to waste it.

    Just because the weight-loss slows does not mean it has stopped so that is a good reminder.
    Lauren you have done so well. even though you are not feeling like it, keep going and remind yourself”I have lost 20 kg”WOW WOW
    That is amazing and it takes some determination to do that!!

    It is hard to juggle everything – kids, school, home, food etc etc but I am also trying to remind myself how much I REALLY want this. How much do we want to lose weight? How much do we want to be thinner??? Actually I am talking mostly to myself so forgive the rant!
    Hope you have a good day Charlotte and Lauren.

    • Hi Jeanette 🙂
      It is a really busy time for me at the moment, which means that eating is my last priority. Because of other deadlines I don’t have time to cook! That is no exaggeration! And I don’t even have kids! I have the utmost respect for you doing it with your little ones, and working, and still losing weight!
      Sometimes I reach a point where I go…I don’t want to do anything and I want to sleep, or sit on the couch like a zombie, probably because there is sooooo much to do I don’t know where to start! Oh well, my rant is over too 😛
      Chin up ok, and I promise I will too xoxo

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