A bit of before and after…


Me before starting Dukan, actually about 3 months prior. Brad says this is a bad example of a before photo because I never really looked that big (just the perspective of the photo). Taken the same day as my profile pic on the blog.

OMG did I actually look like that?? 😦 (ignore the drunk eyes….it was a vodka party!) No wonder people are seeing a difference!

9 weeks after starting Dukan…(bad quality image, and I don’t really see too much difference)

And me a couple of weeks ago…(taken at night on my iMac…that’s why it looks so crappy! Eliminates all elements of a chin!)

Me and Brad at the wedding a couple of weekends ago…



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  1. Congratulations Lauren! you can definitely see the difference? Have you dropped many dresses sizes? did you have to get a new wardrobe? I lost nearly 6 kg’s in almost 6 weeks, but I have been having major food and booze blow outs on the weekend, which has slowed the weightloss a bit. But still on track, the closer I am getting to my goal (3-4 more kg’s to go), the harder its getting to stay focussed.

    You really are doing very well. Do keep it up!

    All the best.

  2. Wow, phenomenal! I’ve said it before, but I think you have a stunning face anyway which could be seen at any weight, but you really do look sensational. Like a 1950’s celeb! x

  3. Hubby peeped while I was reading your blog and asked to join in sending big CONGRATS. He mentioned, and I quote, “she looks great”; so from both of us heartfelt congratulations! I add a big thanks for the new galette recipe which I tried straight away –we loved it!

  4. Lauren you look so amazing!!! You can really see a difference. Also love the fact that you are wearing such a lovely bright colour in the last pic. You look gorgeous! OK well that was my inspiration!!!


  5. This makes us scared to death of identification parades; we could not say under oath that this was the same person. Seriously, you have changed/ are changing. Hmm wonder what you’ll be like at the other end?

  6. Hi Lauren!
    I follow your blog from GoogleReader 🙂 and I have to thank you for the inspiration, recipes and tips!! I’m also doing the DukanDiet and I started a blog to write all my menus and evolution… Today I posted (as an inspirational story) your before & after photo. I hope not to bother you!!
    If you want to have a look:

    If you want I will delete de photograph! Of course!

    Congratulations! You look great!!

  7. Amazing! U’r very very beautiful! Congrats! I’m in “atack”, today is my first day; u r a great inspiration 4me
    Cheers from Spain

  8. Thats incredible! I want that after photo too! I bought the book a week ago and waited to start the diet today, I’m really excited, havn’t felt this good about a diet in a long time. I have about the same amount of weight to lose as you. Congrats!!

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