Day 118 – Cruise (PP)


Still 78.7 this morning, so no loss after 1 good Dukan Day.

It was World Teachers’ Day (apparently somebody appreciates us). When I got to the staff room there was the biggest cake from our Assistant Principal I have ever seen about 1 metre by half a metre. I didn’t eat any, it’s only cake after all. People were marvelling at my self control while I just ate my weird meatloaf.

I had the worst afternoon today. I don’t want to get into it because I can’t be bothered wasting time thinking about it anymore (*insert rude word* parent and extremely rude students). I could have eaten a plate of cake and drank a bottle of wine, but I did neither. We went to our friends birthday party at night and it was really nice to take my mind off things and chat to really nice people. So at least my day finished on a sweeter note.

Breakfast: Tub Yoplait Fuit Yoghurt

Snack: Left Over Asian Style Meatloaf

Lunch: Left Over Asian Style Meatloaf

Dinner: Sliced Chicken Breast

Drinks: LOTS of Water and a couple of glasses of Coke Zero

Exercise: About half an hour of dancing on the Wii


SW: 99    CW: 78.7


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  1. I know it’s hard but try not to let it get to you too much Lauren, with a Mum & brother both in the teaching game I know exactly what you mean. You’re stronger than me tho, cos I probably would’ve taken the wine bottle option after a day like that 😉
    From the looks of your weekly stats it looks like it could just be water weight so once that Wii dancing kicks in it’ll hopefully just fall off for you – fingers crossed 🙂 x

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