Day 119 – Cruise (PP)


I went up 100g to 78.8 this morning, which is a little disappointing after a strict PP day, but hopefully things will start to move again soon.

Breakfast: 2 Eggs & 2 Egg Whites scrambled with Garlic Powder and Onion Powder

Snack: Yoplait ForMe Fruit Yoghurt

Lunch: Steak with Seeded Mustard

Snack: 2/3 cup Bonox (Hot Beefy/Vegemitey drink)

Snack: 3 Double D Sugar Free Lollies

Dinner: 1 1/2 small Chicken Breast Fillets (they did have a thin coating of a flour based batter…it wasn’t too much though)

Drinks: Approx 1.5L Water and I don’t know how much Coke Zero (that means…way to much 😛 )

Exercise: Nothing today

I went to the movies tonight to see Paranormal Activity 2 (not by choice)….it was soooo scary!!! I was curled up in a little ball in the cinema seat by the end and hardly even watched the screen!! I made Brad tell me what was happening so I didn’t have to watch!! ^o^

Later on…Before I went to bed I weighed myself again and I was back to 78.4, so it looks like things are already starting to move 🙂


SW: 99    CW: 78.4


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  1. Lauren, You are doing fabulously – I stumbled across your blog and then the other great Dukaneers from your site. You have been an amazing inspiration to me and I am now even thinking about writing my own blog – a first for me. I have been following the Dukan plan for 4 weeks now and have lost 5.5 kgs – I am really impressed and grateful for your recipe ideas and motivation. You must be sooooo proud of your photos – well done.

  2. Hi Ros 🙂 I’m glad you found my blog, and I hope you come across some things that can help you 😀
    Writing your own blog is a great idea if you have the time, as it really helps you stay focussed on your diet. Let me know if you start to write one….I would love to read it!

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