138 – Cruise (PP)


Yay 77.2kg today (another 0.5kg lost overnight). The lowest I have been since starting Dukan was 76.9…hope I get back there really soon 🙂

Feeling really skinny today 🙂 My skinny jeans are no longer called that because they stick to my legs….but because I’m getting too skinny for them! (that is the size 14 pair if you were wondering!)

We are going to see Harry Potter 7 Part 1 tonight! Awesome! I love Hermione…I used to call her Her-Me-Own until I read book 4 and she had to correct Viktor Krum when he pronounced her name wrong! (like me!) funny 🙂

And to my brother Mark: I will not be 30 by the time the last HP comes out (I will be 27 in fact), and you are still coming with me 🙂

Here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast: Yoplait ForMe Fruit Yoghurt

Snack: 2 Chocolate Oatbran Muffins and 1 Sugar Free Lolly

Lunch: Left over Beef and Chicken Sausages…yum!

Snack: Sugar Free Jelly

Dinner: Bacon and Eggs

Snack: Sugar Free Lollies Roast Chicken Breast

Drinks: 2L Water and Coke Zero/Pepsi Max

Exercise: 30 minute Walk on Mum’s treadmill 🙂

**Edit: Just got back from seeing Harry Potter…..OMG AWESOME! I loved it! Can’t wait for the last one 🙂 Gonna read the book again 😀


SW: 99    CW: 77.2 😀


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  1. Well done Lauren! I can’t wait to see HP – I love the books, I must have read them a thousand times – well not quite but you get the idea!!
    You are doing so well, I am glad all the carb cravings are gone – I still have mine and can’t seem to say no at the moment:-(((

    Enjoy your day, we are on holiday so that is great! Holiday until Tuesday.

  2. Hey skinny minnie! You’re doing so well. I’m size 14 now too and size 12 is getting ever closer.

    I’m going to see HP tomorow after work – can’t wait! xx

    • Hey Carrie! I think I’m gonna wait till I get to my goal before I buy any clothes, and I’m gonna go on the biggest shopping spree and take all my friends along to help me pick new clothes. I will have to throw out practically everything I own!
      I wont care what size things are, so long as they look good…no…great! 🙂

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