Day 140 – Cruise (PV)


Another giant loss today (which is really yesterday coz I got home too late after the Metallica concert to post!) 75.9…my first time in the 75’s yet, it’s a fun place to be 🙂

A quick rundown of what I ate:

Breakfast: 1 Chocolate Oatbran Muffin & 1 tub Nestle Yoghurt

Snack: 3 Sugar Free Lollies

Lunch: Left over Savoury Beef Mince

Dinner: Sliced Chicken Breast, Slice Turkey Breast & Gherkin Cottage Cheese

Snack: 1 Chocolate Oat Bran Muffin

Drinks: 2L Water & a few glasses of Coke Zero

Exercise: 30 minute walk on mum’s treadmill, 20 minutes of walking to and from the concert to parking & 2 hours of standing and rocking at Metallica >)


SW: 99    CW: 75.9


4 responses »

  1. Wait…
    You do such nice crafty stuff…
    Treadmill and heavy metal? oi! Yo are now officially mental-in-a-good-way. LOL
    5 kgs is margin of error according to Lord Young! No sweat you are a slim person! hey! Buy jeans! Look good! Get “looks”! C’mon!

  2. Won’t tell hubby about metallica he was sad he didn’t get to go. Well done getting into the 75s would love to see you there but finally I managed to get to the 74s. Only just though 74.8kg today. Hope it keeps going for both of us.

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