Day 143 – Cruise (PP)


Well, it’s decided my scales are totally out 😦 Don’t know how long that’s been for either, tomorrow morning will be the decider.

I ate fine all day…until it came to dinner 😦 Peanut MnM’s should not come in a tub, full stop. And I had Red Rooster. (And yes, the Peanut MnM’s came first…..epic fail 😦 )There, I said it. I already feel sick for eating it all.

Oh well, back on track tomorrow.

I hope I can get my work for school finished soon. Can you believe there are only 18 school days left, I can’t! All the same, bring on the holidays!!!!



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  1. Must be the day for it – I caved in to a pack of Grainwaves today! Have a sick toddler & the lack of sleep has me completely out of sorts 😦 Oh well, there’s always tomorrow… 😉

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