30 Days of Me – Day 2


Day 2 – the meaning behind your blog name

What once was just ‘My Dukan Diary’ has now become My Dukan ‘and Japan’ Diary. I think it’s pretty straightforward, and that’s my problem…

I toyed around for ages at the start of this year with a new name for a new blog, because my life is not all about the Dukan Diet now (it wasn’t all about that, but that’s why I was blogging), but then as I mentioned earlier I decided I should just stick with the blog I already have….I was missing my blog you see 🙂

But my life is so much more than the Dukan diet, and I knew my blog wasn’t going to be focussed on that….So to spice things up I decided to add in the ‘in Japan’….lol, how daring. I will keep thinking of a new name for the blog, when I find one that fits me, and I will change the name of the blog (on the blog page) the address will have to stay the same (I’m not that technologically savvy to re-direct an address!)

Any suggestions? 😛



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  1. Good Morning here in UK – Any suggestions you asked !

    Lets break it down:-

    MY – You could have Lauren, Gentle-monkey but we know its you so doesn’t really need?

    DUKAN’AND JAPAN’ – Its about more than that…….Its about you having travelled, Its about you embracing life,seizing the day.

    DIARY – Its more like a Journal

    Em-mm its a trick one isn’t it ?!!



    365 DAYS OF ME

    Sorry they are so rubbish ….. so I am going to make another cup of tea!

    • Mitzi you crack me up 🙂
      I like the rhyming one. I was thinking…..Lauren Loves Life (throwing in a bit or alliteration…) because it’s true, I do love my life. I feel I am very lucky person 🙂 What do you think?
      Enjoy your tea xoxo

  2. Hi Lauren
    I googled to find out how to rename your blog ( from mydukandiary.wordpress.com)and this is what the experts say
    “The only way to do that is to register a new blog. Then you can export the content from the old and import it into the new.”
    Hardly seems worth the trouble!! You already know how to change the title of the blog cause you have added ‘and Japan’ to the title.
    I am loving your updates – and your experiences in Japan – do you speak Japanese or is that one of your goals while you are there? Have fun – can’t wait for the next 28 days. Cheers Ros

    • Hi Ros 🙂 Thanks so much for that research! It does sound a little bit too full on, so I will definitely keep the address and just change the name (and maybe the look) within the blog.
      I speak a bare minimum of Japanese, but I have been trying to learn! At the moment I am studying one of the alphabets like a child learning the abc’s 😦 It’s so embarrassing, but it’s got to be done! If it had a roman-style alphabet it would be so much easier…instead there is Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji 😛

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