30 Days of Me – Day 4


Day 4 – a habit that you wish you didn’t have

I could think of a few habits I wish I didn’t have, but I think the worst habit is having too much ‘stuff’. Not so much living in Japan, but back at home. (And I know it’s all there waiting for me right where I left it! Lucky that, otherwise it might get thrown out!…not by me *ahem* part of the problem 😛 )

For example:
: I have a PHENOMENAL amount of teaching resources at home in Melbourne which I have accumulated over only 5 years. I’m sure most teacher’s have a ton of stuff at home and in their classroom. The problem is I don’t have a classroom so it all has to be stored at home! We are brainstorming ideas at the moment of storing it up in the roof, because if I’m teaching Prep (5 year olds) I don’t need to have all the stuff for Grade 6 (11-12 year olds) taking up living space in my house.

What I really should do is go through everything and pick out the most valuable resources that I have always gone back to and then have a ‘garage sale’ with the rest of it….something along the lines of teachers come and take whatever you like and then give me what you think it’s worth second hand. Any amount would be ok.

Does that sound like a plan?

p.s. the teaching resources are just one of the ‘stuff’ issues! This is why it’s a bad habit 😛


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