Why I love Tuesdays…


The new episode of Chuck comes out! Yay!

Since I have been in Japan I have watched right from the beginning ALL of the seasons and episodes of Chuck (1-4). I used to be able to have Chuck-a-thons, having so many episodes to watch. Now I have to wait with everyone else for the new episode to be released 😛

I even have a little dance that is a ritual when the theme song is on.

I love Chuck!


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  1. I was watching Chuck as i was reading your blog!! The new episode 🙂 … I like Chuck too. Although i think it was much better when it first started 🙂

    • It was great when it started because it was so different! and just plain fantastic! I still love it now though 🙂 I guess after 4 seasons they have to mix it up a bit or it would get same old same old. I love Zachary Levi, but I love Awesome too 😛

  2. OMG! I’m totally right there with you! I’ve got Chuck all ready to watch, but I’m going to London on Thursday so I might hold off watching till then – everyone needs a little inflight entertainment… 😉

    Hope you’re having a blast, sweetie!


    • PS – the thing I’m hanging to watch each week, even more than Chuck= Castle. I can hardly contain my swoons at Nathan Fillion, a charming, warm, passionate man, a gentleman, and a total hottie to boot!

      • Hmmm, might need to get on to that 😉 I’ve never watched an episode of Castle. I love him in Serenity (yet to watch Firefly…shocking, I know!)

      • You … you … you’ve never watched Firefly? What’s WRONG with you, woman!? Serenity is just the icing on the large and bountifully moist (yes, I said moist) cake that is Firefly.

        I guarantee to you – you will love it.

        Oh, and… While we’re on the subject of Chuck and Firefly, here’s a nice little photo to tie the two together, an “intersect”, if you will:


      • It’s a looong story. Short version: the (official) world premiere of Serenity was in Edinburgh just after I arrived here, and the whole cast came along. I went to a signing at HMV, and was lucky enough to get a photo with Adam.

        Longer version:

        Back before Firefly even had a NAME, I was a fan of the show. I was a fan of all things Joss Whedon, and the idea of him doing a scifi was just heaven. As soon as Fox opened their Official Forums for it (the OB, or Original Board, as it became known) I was there, posting away and generally wallowing in geekdom. Occasionally, members of the cast and crew – Nathan, Joss, Jewel, Mark Shepard, and others, would pop onto the forums and have a chat with us, but the person who was on there the most was Adam. In fact, there was a while there (as in, a couple of years) where he was on it more than almost anyone else.

        He and I had exchanged the odd post, but mostly I steered clear of his intensely political chat.

        So when it was time to meet the cast at HMV, I was unsure how to let him know that we *kinda* knew each other, but in the end, I didn’t have to! He recognised me from my profile photo on the forum, called me by my forum name, and jumped up to give me a MASSIVE bear hug (*swoon*). Then he saw me holding my camera, and grabbed it from me and gave it to a nearby security guard (who’d warned us all in no uncertain terms that noone would be getting any photos) to have the photo taken.

        Best. Day. Ever.

        We chatted for a moment or two, and he asked about some of our other mutual friends on the forum, and I floated down the rest of the line to meet the others – I shook Nathan’s hand (big, warm hand omg) and he asked me if we’d met before (I’m almost passing out from teh hot of him just thinking of it) and then I just floated past teh others, and out of the store on a little cloud of dazed exhilaration.

        *sigh* 🙂

      • What an awesome story 🙂 I can see you still remember it vividly 😛 That is so cool that he recognised you ^.^
        *sigh* indeed xoxo

      • As clearly as if it was yesterday, at least the meeting Adam and Nathan parts. The rest of it was a bit of a blur… But that story has been re-told so many times, it’s starting to feel a bit rehearsed… y’know what I mean? 😉

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