30 Days of Me – Day 8


Eeeeeep! I know I’m a bit behind with my blog challenge…but I will catch up today!
I was feeling quite sick the other night so I went straight to bed after work (which is usually when I blog), and then I was really busy šŸ˜› Enough excuses and on to today’s (the other day’s) post…

Day 8 – short term goals for this month and why

When I set short term goals I like to write them down so I can see them all the time. At the moment I have this really cool notebook that I carry around everywhere to write stuff in when I think about it. I’m also practising my Japanese in it.

I have set a couple of short term goals for myself, some more measurable than others…

: Do simple exercises every night in my apartment before I go to bed.

: Cook more at home (eat as many meals that I have prepared myself as I can).

: Save some of my first pay.

: Finish the 30 Days of Me blog challenge.

I think they are pretty straight forward and simple, and very achievable šŸ™‚


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