30 Days of Me – Day 12


Day 12 – how you found out about blogger and why you have one

Well, technically I don’t have a ‘blogger’, I have a WordPress blog (I like it better).

One of the first blogs I started reading regularly was Pip’s. She owns a cute shop in Melbourne, and now has two craft books published (with a third on the way). I have been lucky enough to see her in person while driving down the road of her shop….it turned into an embarrassing stalker incident which I won’t discuss further šŸ˜› Let’s just say I get a bad case of star struck!

I originally started my first blog Gentlemonkey’s Blog to record all of the cool craft things I found and liked or wanted to have a go at. Unfortunately it didn’t get off the ground.

But then I started My Dukan Diary, to record my venture into the Dukan Diet in 2010. Having the blog was a great way to keep myself motivated to stay on track. And I have met some really nice people along the way, who I call friends šŸ™‚

As I mentioned in a previous ’30 Days of Me’ post, the name of my blog has had a slight change to My Dukan ‘and Japan’ Diary. But I can promise it will change again šŸ˜› I have been sitting on the name ‘Lauren Loves Life’ for some time now….what do you think? Because I think the statement is true and my blog is now about my whole life, not just one aspect.

I want to say thanks to everyone who stops by my blog. Every time someone leaves a comment it makes me super happy and I really love reading and responding to them.


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  1. Love the idea of the new name – as you do love life and atm it is so interesting to read. You are such a brave person to go abroad. Take care

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