Hi everyone. I just wanted to send out a message saying that I am ok after today’s massive Earthquake in Japan. I live about 300km from the badly affected Sendai, but I most definitely still felt it. It. was. scary. I was in my apartment (4th floor) so things were pretty crazy. It was horrible feeling so helpless and having no idea what was going to happen (I’ve never been in an earthquake before). I only experienced 2 aftershocks…a girl I know who lives closer experienced 15!

At first I felt dizzy, like I was going to faint…then I realised it wasn’t my head that was spinning, it was everything! It wasn’t like anything in the movies!…Everything was wobbling around in circles. I spoke to a Japanese friend and she said that earthquakes can have 3 different ‘feelings’….1. Like everything is wobbling around in circles. 2. Everything is going up and down. and 3. Everything zig-zigs back and forth sideways. Today I experienced the first.

I was so very lucky to have Skype open at the time to Brad. We weren’t actually talking to each other, the video chat was just open on the computer and were both doing stuff around our houses. When it started I was like ‘Brad, BRAD!!!’ and he got to the computer screen pretty quick. I am so thankful that I wasn’t ‘alone’ when it happened, it would have been even more frightening if I was.

There is no damage to anything where I live, but I’m watching the horrible devastation on the internet news šŸ˜¦ I have heard from all my friends in my training group, except one who lives close to Tokyo šŸ˜¦ The power and communications might still be out so I’m hoping that’s why.



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  1. Hey hun – I’m so glad to hear that you’re ok! You were the first person I thought of when I heard!

    Oh, and? That’s so cute that you had Skype open to Brad, not actually talking, just keeping the connection open. It must have been scary for him too…

    • To be honest he was laughing and trying to keep me cheery, until I yelled at him and pointed the webcam towards the swaying room. I am really glad that he was there to know that I was safe and so that he didn’t have to worry for a second.

      • It went for a few minutes, which felt like ages!
        I thought I should leave earlier to go to work, in case the trains were delayed, so I was in the shower when the first aftershock happened! LOL. I bet I was the only person to be in the shower during an aftershock!

      • It was shocked laughter… know it šŸ˜›

        IT was very good having skype open, the more I think about it the thought of not having it open would have scared the s**t outta me…….excuse the language guys, but in this context I’m sure you will agree its justifiable.

  2. Wow that’s just crazy! I woke up this morning, and my hubby was telling me about it. I’m glad you are okay. When I lived in S. Korea, we felt a few, that originated in Japan, and it was scary. Hope everyone you know there is safe and sound!

  3. First thoughts were of you and your safety. Very glad to read it was only very scary but not devastating where you now live. Best regards from Dave and self.

  4. I was thinking of you and very relieved to have seen this entry of yours. Great job – so glad to hear you’re safe. Take care šŸ™‚ g

  5. Lauren.

    I am very pleased the you are Ok, I have just been in India with work for a week so out of the loop rather ( Never out TV on but people were talking about it)

    You are the only person I know in Japan so my first thought were for you.

    I haven’t yet watched the news but I have found your description of feeling very interesting… we had a minor,minor,mini,mini earthquake here in Uk last year & I woke up with the ‘Up & down feeling’ very strange.

    Keep safe


  6. I live in Lara and have been following your journey for quite a while and feel like I know you. I am glad you posted and are OK (I feel like it is time I introduced myself instead of lurking around), it has been strange seeing all these things happening in the world and how the connections have all got so much closer, just from following a diet. I started Dukan in June last year and lost 15 kilos- I would like to lose another 10- you know how it is- the ongoing struggle!!
    Last year I finally acheived a black belt in Karate- so going to Japan is on my list and I am enjoying seeing all your stories.

    I hope you stay safe and all goes well

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