I would like to say that where I am living I am perfectly happy and safe. I received a very special visitor yesterday…Brad! It has been so wonderful having him here to share the experiences I have been having.

After long and thoughtful consideration I have decided to remain in Japan, and not go home. I know this is very upsetting to some people but I promise you that I am safe. I am not silly and if I wasn’t safe I would come home, but honestly where I am things are fine.

I know that people in Australia and other countries are getting very mixed messages in the media about what is happening with the nuclear power plants in Fukushima and it might sound very scary but from in Japan, things aren’t that bad. I have been reading as many reliable sources of information on the topic and they all have a more positive outlook. Here are some of the things I have read…

: A simple and accurate explanation of the Nuclear reactors at Fukushima

: Recent update from British Embassy Conference

My company, Peppy Kids Club, has cancelled all classes in the North East of Japan until the end of the month. The new school year starts in April. The reasons behind this were for parents to have peace of mind about dropping their child at a location with only one adult and there is a shortage of gas/petrol in Japan and the company wants to make things as easy as possible for parents. I have two options, work office days (5.5 hours at a close by school of my choice) or take unpaid holidays. My performance supervisor is flexible, allowing me to choose whatever I like. With Brad here, I will be doing a bit of both (still need to pay the rent, etc.). So I will get to spend more time with Brad than originally thought…there is at least one upside to the situation.

Will keep you all updated with how things are going, and I will post some new photos soon (just to prove things are all ok xoxo)



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